Joey run

I've proclaimed my deep love of dogs numerous times on this blog, but I it just bares repeating: I ADORE these furry little creatures.

Several weeks ago, when Joey sprained his leg while playing outside at my in-law's, I was internally devastated because to me, this small blip on his health record was representative of Joey's senior status. In my mind, he injured himself because he's 8, not because he was just playing too rough in the yard. And last weekend, when we had to carry him to the car after hurting his foot at the dog park, I had a mini anxiety attack that he was getting fragile and slowing down (never mind he just got stung by something and was deemed "healthy as a horse" by the vet not even 2 weeks ago).

I can't help it. I totally reject that dogs don't have the same lifespan as people. I can't accept that my beloved little beagle puppy who barked all night at his own reflection in the mirror won't be a young pup forever. I don't like that I'm getting older, but I flat-out HATE that my Joey is getting older, too.

I worry a lot about Joey acting like an old dog. So much so, I invent things that are wrong with him in a weird preparation for when he actually is old. It's sick and demented, but it seems to be my coping mechanism (now that is something about myself I actually do need to change!).  

But last night while I was sitting on the couch and Clayton was taking Joey out for his post-dinner potty break, Clayton stuck his head back inside through the patio door and said, "You should come see your dog."

This dog has spunk and energy to burn. He's the light of our life and the gift that keeps on giving. Age ain't nothing but a number, baby. :)


  1. this brings me back to when we were living together and he'd run around nutso just because a plastic sack was on the floor.... i really need to find that video and send it to you its awesome.. miss you guys and glad to see you are all doing great! love reading your posts make me smile most days when i need it! thanks!

  2. So funny!! My dog Daisy does that too :)


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