Happy 5th of July!

Happy Day-After-The-4th-of-July! For all of you guys and girls who had to show up to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, I totally feel your pain. For those of you who also have today off, I hate you.

Did you have a happy holiday? Though it rained a little bit (while I was out running, of course) and the sun absolutely refused to shine all day, Clayton and I definitely enjoyed ourselves! 

We actually spent a good chunk of our day in bed. I stayed up way too late reading on Wednesday night and neither Clayton or I could be bothered to get up before 11 a.m.. Then we puttered around the house, read some more, I made a pie and some potato salad for our 4th of July cookout later in the day, and Clayton played video games.

I've always been a cake kind of girl, so I haven't made too many pies in my life, but they're totally growing on me! I enjoy pies for their simplicity and mostly because you can never go wrong with fresh fruit coated in sugar, am I right?

I made a mixed berry pie with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

I prepped the pie crust the night before so it had ample time to chill and settle the gluten.

For the filling I tossed the fruit into a bowl and even coated it with sugar, lemon juice and corn starch.

After lining the pie plate with half the dough, I used the other half to cut out stars for the top of the pie.


Isn't it beautiful!?

Clayton is a good man who will always eat my cooking, even if he isn't a huge fan of what I've made. However, I knew I hit this pie out of the park when he brought up, on 3 separate occasions, that this mixed berry pie might be the best dessert I've ever made. This is coming from a guy who really only wants dessert if it's chocolate baked in chocolate covered in chocolate and sprinkled with more chocolate. It was so sweet! :)

We went over to Dan and Emily's for an evening cookout and enjoyed some delicious chicken off the grill that Dan had marinated to perfection. Emily, being the sweetheart that she is, disappeared into their kitchen for a few minutes to "quickly whip up" some whipped cream for the pie (SO YUM!) while we sipped homemade sangria outside. Then we packed up our lawn chairs and drove just outside of town to enjoy a fireworks show.

Don't ask my why my Hoosier-lovin' husband is sporting an Iowa sweatshirt. 
"It's comfortable" is NOT an acceptable answer.

After the fireworks, we went back to Dan and Emily's where Dan convinced Clay and I that we needed to stay and watch Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal before we went home. It was already 10:30 p.m. and all of us had to work today, but they've been talking about this movie forever and we honestly weren't ready for the night to end.

I don't know if you've ever seen The Dark Crystal, but all I have to say about it is this: What the H? I can totally appreciate the creativity and all of the time and effort it took to bring something like that to life, but seriously, WHAT THE H? I was so creeped out by the Skeksis, I had to call Clayton while he was out walking Joey before bed and ask him to hurry home because I didn't want to turn off the bedroom light yet.

No, thank you.

Oh, and I was totally "that person" again this year and had to yell out our bedroom window to my ridiculous neighbors who were setting off bottle rockets at 1:00 a.m. this morning. I tried to be as polite as one can possibly be whilst screaming "CUT IT OUT! PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK IN THE MORNING!", but they probably still think I'm a witch. If there's one thing this girl has zero tolerance for, it's inconsiderate people. Plus, there numerous families in the neighborhood with young children; their parents were no doubt irritated, too.

Not to mention, we all had notes on our doors at the beginning of the week from the landlord saying it was absolutely, 100% forbidden to set off fireworks in the neighborhood.

You know what else I have zero tolerance for?

Rule breakers.

Happy Friday!


  1. Your pie looks so pretty and delicious! :)

    1. Thank you, Ms. Courtney! It's very rare that I make something that both tastes AND looks good! ha ha

  2. Seriously that is a lovely pie! I want some.

    1. Thank you! It certainly didn't last more than a few hours after we brought it home. For a girl that never particularly cared for pie, I sure devoured it! :)


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