Dinner and a review

I like food. It's natural to assume that some of my favorite blogs involve the preparation, cooking and eating of food. Food blogs don't offer a lot of deep philosophical insight, nor do they typically provide humorous or dramatic reading, but they have a lot of pictures of a lot of yummy things and they always inspire me to get into my own kitchen!

Sally's Baking Addiction is hands down my all-time favorite dessert blog and Skinny Taste definitely captures the number one spot for general meal ideas. In addition to being food geniuses, the women behind both blogs use a high-quality camera lens that make their culinary creations look so darn good, sometimes it feels like I'm viewing food porn.

Last night I was in a pinch for a quick and healthy meal for me and the hubs, so I tried Skinny Taste's Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps. I really like tacos, but I usually hit my limit after just one. They're heavy in my stomach and I never feel like I made a good decision when I'm done eating. If I'm going to feel sick after eating something, it's going to be from cake or ice cream.

I thought lettuce wraps would be a better, lighter option and boy, was I right! I was somewhat apprehensive about feeding food wrapped in leaves to my husband (if it's not meat and potatoes, sometimes he just doesn't "get it"), but he loved it. Ground turkey is always a big hit in our house and it was so flavorful, he didn't even miss the crunchy tortilla shells we normally use.

The thing I like most about this recipe is that it doesn't require any actual taco seasoning. The combination of cumin, paprika and chili powder creates a great taco taste with much less sodium. Instead of using plain tomato sauce, I used a chunky spaghetti sauce with diced tomatoes to make the mixture a bit more hearty. I even snuck in a few drops of Frank's hot sauce and Clayton had no idea. (Sorry, babe.)

We ate the entire skillet of meat in less than 15 minutes. It's the first and only time I've ever been sad there were no taco leftovers.

P.S. How cute is that tablecloth? It matches the colors on our chairs' upholstery perfectly!
I saw it at TJ Maxx this weekend and was like, "MINE."

I'm sad to say that we were completely out of shredded cheese, so we just topped our lettuce "boats" with a few hefty tablespoons of sour cream before wrapping them up and devouring them. The only thing missing? An icy cold Corona. We will definitely be making these again!

I rarely do book reviews on this blog, but I know that many of you are getting in quality pool time this summer (lucky ducks!) and may be interested in a good read for the beach. Whenever I'm poolside and in deep concentration trying to achieve the perfect golden glow, I rely on chick lit to pass the time. What can I say, sometimes I'm a sucker for a book with a glossy, pastel cover and pictures of shoes or handbags.

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster is one of the first books in a long while that I was simply incapable of putting down. I started reading it the second Clayton and I got in the car after getting it from the library (don't worry, he was driving) and I feel like I didn't stop reading it until I was finished just a day or two later.

Mean Girls is one of my top 5 movies and any book that deals with Queen Bees and high school drama piques my interest. However, it's slightly embarrassing to be 27 years old and still wanting to read about teenagers and prom, so Here I Go Again was the perfect book to give me my adolescent fix without look like a total creeper.

Here I Go Again follows former mean girl Lissy Ryder who, at the age of 37, loses it all. The hot husband, her cool PR job, the affluent lifestyleall gone in less than 24 hours.

Living with her quarrelsome parents once again and desperate to start over, Lissy ventures to her 20-year high school reunion in hopes of launching her own PR firm by soliciting business from her successful peers. However, Lissy is shocked to discover that everyone from her past totally hates her. High school scars run deep and all of the geeks, dweebs and weirdos that she mocked and wronged aren't so quick to forgive.

Given the opportunity of a lifetime, Lissy is granted a second chance and wakes up one morning to discover that she's 17 again. Here I Go Again follows Lissy attempts to right all of her former wrongs and create a better future for herself; one that allows her to keep the high-power career, the hot husband, and doesn't immortalize her as a complete and total bitch.

Fictional do-overs are by no means a new invention, but I think Jen Lancaster totally nailed it. The book is fast-paced, witty, dripping with totally awesome 90s references, and has a surprising amount of heart. At first I thought it would be near impossible to like such a wretchedly self-centered main character, but Lissy's transformation is inspiring.

If you're looking for life-changing fiction and a once-in-a-lifetime story, this certainly isn't it. But if you're looking for a fun, laugh-out-loud read to steal your attention from the stresses of daily life, I highly recommend Here I Go Again. It's Jen Lancaster's second novel and definitely worth a look!

One more thing: While I was on my way to make dinner last night, I saw my boys laying on the couch like this. I had to take a picture because Joey's face is priceless. He looks like he got caught in the act of something.

Happy Wednesday!