Courtney Confessions

1.) Yesterday I wore white silk underwear with the word "Bride" written across the back in rhinestones because we need to do our laundry THAT badly.

Need some photographic evidence of my laundry neglect? While a totally adorable picture of Joey that makes my heart feel all SQUEEEEE!, the background of the photograph is testament to my domestic laziness. Get off me, it's been a busy summer.

I am ashamed. But dang, that's a cute beagle!

2.)  I'm hesitant to watch the final season of The Office despite finding all 24 episodes on because I'm just not ready for the stories inside Dunder Mifflin to come to an end.

3.)  I poured Worcestershire all over my rice last night and took a huge bite before I realized it wasn't soy sauce. It was gross and as I tried to swallow it, my mouth was like, "This isn't food." But I ate it all anyway. Note to self: Separate all brown sauces in the refrigerator.

4.)  In college, I used to refer to Rum n' Cokes as Roman Cokes because I seriously thought that's what people were saying. It only took me one try at ordering a Roman Coke at a bar and being mocked mercilessly by my friends for the rest of the evening to realize I was incorrect.

Do you have anything to confess today?


  1. LOVE these! This should be a link-up that only people named Courtney can participate in :D :D #courtneysforlyfe #butactually


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