Coffee Date

If you and I were having coffee this morning, here's what I'd share with you (immediately after I finished devouring my chocolate muffin, of course.):

And this is what I'd look like the entire time you were talking during our coffee date. Enraptured.

This has probably been the least summery summer weather we've had in years, but I must be a total weirdo because I LOVE it! A lot of folks are complaining that there's too much rain, not enough sun and blah blah blah and while I totally commiserate over the lack of adequate pool weather, do Hoosiers remember last summer at all? It was so dry, everyone's grass resembled the color and texture of straw. Straw. You know, the hard, crunchy stuff that horses eat and catches fire at the drop of a hat? I also distinctly remember sweating through my shirt on the way to work every morning despite the fact that my car's a/c was on full-blast. And running last summer? Forget about it. I sweat bullets and was down for the count after almost every run.

So I'll take these mild, drizzly temps any day, son!

I feel like I'm just echoing every other blogger on the planet right now, but can you believe it's the second week of July already!? It's cray cray. I'm all for time moving along steadily because I am beyond anxious to get into our new house, but I don't want my summer to disappear so quickly!

Our town house is in shambles. Immediately after our offer on the house was accepted, Clayton and I promised each other that despite our excitement about the new place, we would enjoy our remaining months in the townhouse. We reminded ourselves that at one time we were deliriously excited to live in this place and despite being a bit old and having the world's smallest kitchen, we loved living here.

That mentality lasted for a whole what, two weeks?

Now our beloved townhouse is littered with empty moving boxes and stacked with piles of things that need to be donated or thrown away. We didn't even bother to attempt maneuvering the new treadmill upstairs, so the giant, bulky thing is shoved into a corner of our modest living room and the giant sectional couch is so long, it's totally blocking part of the hallway. We clearly decided that being able to comfortably walk around the apartment was totally overrated.

But the truth is, I'm already feeling twinges of sadness over the thought of leaving this place. We knew this would never be a forever home, but we've had nothing but good memories here. I love that it's older, had a propensity to attract worms inside on rainy days, and I will always remember feeling like having our own staircase meant we were really moving up in the world. I love the double closets in our bedroom, I love our patio with the cute little solar lights in the landscaping, and I've never been anything but cozy and comfortable here.

So yes, to answer your question, I've had a few emotional breakdowns in the past month. Time is moving too fast and things change too quickly. Change is the natural progression of life, but sometimes I wish life would take a major chill pill and just let me be for awhile. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that Clayton and I have been married almost 5 years because truthfully, I still feel like we're newlyweds.

And then I have the crippling fear of "What's next?" First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a little ranch house in a quaint neighborhood and then comes baby in the baby carriage (or however that song goes). So logically, the next progression in our life would be children and seriously, I'm in no position to be anyone's mother. The thought of being a mother in the next several years sends shivers down me spine (Yarr!). I'm not ready, life. STOP MOVING SO FAST.

Wow, this post was supposed to be a few general "Hey, here's what's happening in my life right now!" tidbits, but it kind of took on a life of it's own, didn't it? I'd be the most boring coffee date ever.

What would you share with me during our coffee date?


  1. I'm right there with ya, girlfriend. I have NO idea how time flew so fast. Tomorrow's my birthday, so I'm feeling kinda melancholy, with a few things running through my brain that make me want to make a major change. Tomorrow. No more waiting. It's high time I did something for myself and stopped trying to do what other people want me to do.

    So there.

    I can only imagine how excited you both are to move to your very own house! I remember being excited to decorate my house and make it my very own, most especially painting the drab white walls of my apartments to whatever color I damn well pleased! It'll be a whirlwind, but it's so worth it!!

  2. Seriously summer is flying by way too quickly! I actually don't mind it though because I'd like it to be much cooler than this for my runs. :)


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