Brief Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

I've got my $.99 gas station coffee (they were out of their breakfast blend, so I'm taking a gamble on this premium roast. Fingers crossed my stomach doesn't totally explode today) and am ready to take on this day! I've got a full plate (and will for the next several days as I transition into my new position), so I won't have a full-on recap for you today.

We had a pretty good weekend! We co-hosted a garage sale with Colby and Ireli and while we didn't make quite as much money as we'd originally hoped, we got to spend the morning with little Ms. Elisa (and spending time with a beautiful chubby-cheeked baby is always time well spent). Plus, when all was said and done, Clay and I purged quite a bit of unneeded items from our townhouse. If there's there one thing about me that's changing as I get older, it's that I have a smaller and smaller tolerance for junk and clutter!

Saturday evening, we ventured over to my bro-and-sis-in-law's new house to play bocce ball and board games. It was a great evening, but by the time we were done playing Cards Against Humanity, we had all practically bought ourselves one-way tickets to hell. And I won, so that means I was the most horrible, foul-minded person of all.

No surprises there.

Sunday morning I woke up to a text message from my mom asking if I had heard the news that Cory Monteith (from the TV show Glee) was found dead in his hotel room. I seriously thought it was another one of those celebrity death hoaxes and I immediately sat up and started to frantically search the internet on my phone. I was dismayed to learn that it was actually true.

It seems downright silly to be heartbroken over the death of someone you never even met, especially when that person is a celebrity that you only know as a specific TV character, but really, I think that's just a testament to the power of pop culture. Glee has meant a lot of things to so many different people around the world (myself included. I can admit that.) and though 99.9% of us will ever only ever know him as Finn Hudson, we all fell in love with Cory because of Finn.

He was such a cutie patootie.

And at only 31 years of age, a loss of young life is especially tragic and confusing. Cory was very public about his struggle with drugs and despite claims of starting to recover, anyone who has struggled with addiction knows that relapses and set-backs can be par for the course. That's not to say his death was definitely related to drugs, but 31 year-olds don't typically die of natural causes.

And seriously, one of the things I adored about Cory Monteith is that he was 31 and played a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. I mean, seriously, how boyish and adorable are you if you can score a gig playing a character almost 15 years his senior? He seriously made me feel better about reaching 30 because if I ever feel washed-up and decrepit, I can always keep my fingers crossed for landing a part on a Saved by the Bell revival series.

Moving on to lighter news, I was able to get in a 6-mile run late Saturday afternoon and the weather was perfect! It was hot without being humid, so even though I was sweaty and gross, I didn't feel absolutely depleted afterwards. My only complaint was the wicked stiffness in my thighs. Thursday night's softball double-header re-awakened some thigh muscles that had been neglected due to so many of our games being cancelled and they were so sore all weekend!

Sunday was another positively gorgeous day and I woke up extra early to take get in some cross-training before I started my day. Since I am trying to cut back a bit before marathon training, I opted to just walk awhile and I was so lost in thought, I ended up walking for over an hour! I didn't take my MP3 player or any other distractions with me to the trail; I simply walked in the sunshine and actually ended up having a rather long conversation with God. It was some of the best "me time" I've had in ages.

I don't have any major goals for this week other than I am trying a brand new recipe (eggplant lasagna!) and am hoping to finish the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'm only part-way through, but it's already SO intriguing! Plus, I love the style of writing!

And I'd kind of like to clean out my car, but let's be realistic. Heh.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I always win at Cards against Humanity too... such a fun game :D


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