No time for a legit blog post today. Both Clayton and I have been taking turns talking to various electric companies about getting the electricity turned on in our house before the weekend. After being on the phone for 30 whole minutes with our previous utilities company, they finally decided to let me in on their little secret that they don't actually service our new neighborhood.

Good one, guys. Good one. You totally got me.

So I finally figured out which utilities company DOES service us (giggity!) and they were all like, "Sure! No problem! ... What's the meter number at the new house?"

What's the meter number? I don't even know where the meter is, let alone the strand of numbers that's written on the side of it. Are meter numbers something people memorize for reference, like a phone number of social security number? Or do you think I'm calling you from the yard of the house that isn't legally mine, saddled up next to the meter because we're besties and don't like to be apart for more than 5 minutes at a time?


"Oh, okay. Well, you can go get it and call us back. We close at 4:30 today." It's was 4:16 p.m. at that moment. I kindly informed her that I don't currently own a Delorean and can't drive over the house, get the meter number and call her back in 10 minutes.

"Feel free to call us tomorrow morning then!"

Like fun I'm going to call you back tomorrow morning.

Well, electricity is something we actually need. So yes, I suppose I WILL be calling you back tomorrow.

"In the meantime, you can call your old energy company and ask them to fax us a credit reference to expedite the process of getting your new account set up."

Call my old energy company? You mean the energy company that kept me on the phone for over a half hour just to build up suspense for the big announcement that they don't service our new neighborhood?

Okay, sure.

So I called our current energy company AGAIN and requested the fax.

"Okie dokie! Just put Clayton on the phone and we'll get this sent right over!"

Despite the uncomfortable amount of time we spend together in the bathroom, Clayton and I are not Siamese twins. I was at my desk at my job and he was at HIS desk at HIS job on the other side of town.

Me: "He's not here. But I know his social security number, birthday and favorite breakfast cereals in descending orderwhat info do you need to know?"

Customer Service Rep and My New Mortal Enemy: "Oh, sorry. I absolutely have to speak to Clayton despite the fact that both of your names are on the account and this directly affects both of you and that the first time you called asking us to fax the information over, we were perfectly willing to do it before the line got disconnected." (I might have added that last part.)

*face palm*


  1. We went through something similar, thankfully our electric company was the same though. I called while on break at work and the lady kindly informed me that I was not authorized to transfer our account, I could cancel our service but not transfer . . . totally makes sense, right? I guess that's good to know in case I'm ever mad at Dan about something. He wasn't at work with me so I had to call back. We called another day and the guy we talked to was a little more helpful, I got added on correctly, apparently they screwed up years ago.

    Similar problem with the gas company, and our insurance company just completely messed up our new address and how to spell our name which messed up electronically signing stuff. Comcast was probably the best, they transferred our service and sent a new bill, instead of just keeping the same account number and just change the service address they give you a whole new one. I went to pay the bill online and it the account didn't exist. I called in and they had no clue what was going on. That was quite the ordeal too. We finally got everything sorted out, thankfully.

    All in all it worked out just fine, just a little stressful. You'll get through it and have a home of your own!


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