A rant about boring stuff. Literally.

I don't know what my problem is, but I am having some major trouble trying to come up with things to write about this week. Some weeks are just more inspiring than others, and finding a good topic to write about has been like trying to squeeze water out of a rock.

Sometimes I think my life is just mind-numbingly boring. I mean, I feel like I do a lotI think it could even be argued that I have too many activities and commitments at times—but even a busy routine gets mundane and stale. I go to work for 8+ hours, come home and fight the urge to take a nap, take a nap anyway, go through the motions of a half-a$$ed workout because I'm still groggy from the nap I shouldn't have taken, go to softball, make dinner too late in the evening, do my homework, watch a re-run of a show I've seen a hundred times because I can't find a new TV show to love, and then go to bed around midnight.

For the past year, I've come home from work every single day to find Clayton playing the exact same Madden NFL football game on his XBox 360 and I'm tellin' ya, I'm about ready to throw that gaming console at the wall. I just don't get the appeal of that game. 90% of the time Clayton isn't even playing an actual football game, he's just sorting through made-up, hypothetical stats and drafting a team. On more than one occasion I've all but yelled at him, "HOW IS THIS FUN? YOU AREN'T EVEN PLAYING! YOU'RE JUST DOING MATH, SIR. MATH!!!"

I have zero issues with my husband obsessively playing video games. That's how he unwinds after a stressful day at work; I get that. In fact, I think his love of video games is adorable and I'd never be the kind of wife to say, "Don't you think you're maybe playing video games a little TOO much, dear?" (I actually can't stand that kind of woman). But I've been begging to him to play any game except Madden just once so that I can come home to something slightly different and not feel like I'm going insane from routine. Seriously, if I came into the living room to find him playing even a baseball or basketball game, my mind would be blown and I'd probably have to lie down and a take an extra long nap because my brain wouldn't know how to process the change.

Maybe it's the sudden hot n' sticky weather that makes going outside nearly impossible, maybe it's the unnerving quiet before we close on our house in just two weeks, but I am going stir crazy. Since our spring break trip to Florida ate up most of my modest store of vacation hours, I haven't had any time off this summer and haven't gone anywhere or done anything exciting or out of the ordinary. 

Breakfast is even boring me. I've taken an English muffin to work almost every single morning for the past calendar year. I tried to jazz it up this week by smearing on a thick layer of peanut butter and some banana slices, but I had to restrain myself a bit because, simmer down Courtney. You don't want to get too crazy.

And let's not even get started on how sad my work wardrobe is. I'm sick of everything. There isn't a single article of clothing in my closet right now that I'm excited about wearing (say for maybe the American eagle green khakis I acquired last week. But even then, I have zero cute shirts to wear with them). But we're getting ready make the most expensive purchase of our lives and splurging on a few new pieces for my new position as Academic Adviser just isn't in the cards right now. (Seriously, I feel like I can't even fart without first calling my lender to make sure it won't be detrimental to my credit score.)

Is anyone else in a funk? It is just me or is there something in the filter water? I asked Clayton to meet me somewhere after work today (the lucky little S.O.B. has taken the entire week off, but in all fairness he totally deserves a break) so we can have a beer, or take a walk, or look at paint swatches for the house, do anything that will prevent me from taking a nap. I gotta break the habit because I am a not a toddler and there is no need for me to have nappies every single day. I'm a big girl, for Pete's sake!

Ugh, I gotta do something to spice things up.

But ya know what? I put a little braid in my hair today and well, that's kind of fun.


  1. Afternoon naps are totally the best! And your hair looks super cute!

  2. I totally feel you with this post. I've been bored with life lately, too! I'm going to try to make more plans with friends to spice it up a bit. #dreamingbig


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