Weekend recap

Things I would rather be doing than working on Monday morning:
  • Reading because I'm now at the point in my new book where putting it down for the night pains me
  • Catching up on sleep because last night a certain beagle snored like he accidentally swallowed a buzz saw
  • Taking that same beagle on a hike in the woods to see what critters are out and about at this hour
  • Tackling the pile of laundry that I totally neglected over the weekend
  • Slathering on some sun tan lotion and catching some rays (if and when the fog finally dissipates)
  • Getting this week's meals prepped since our schedule is hideously busy and dinner plans ARE going to suffer the consequences
  • Painting my toenails that are in desperate need of a pedicure
  • Giving myself a facial because the pores on my face look big enough for spelunking

Unfortunately, all of those things will have to wait because like it or not, I'm at work today. This is really happening.

How was your weekend?

My weekend started off on a great note. Right after work on Friday, Clayton and I met Dan and Emily to share some Mexican food and a margarita tower before staggering up the road to the movie theater to see This is The End. Well, our margarita tower turned into TWO margarita towers (or dos margarita towers if you speak the language) and when we realized we were going to be late for the movie, we made that second tower disappear in record time.

At 3 margaritas in, walking felt like a chore. I had exactly 2 margaritas more than I usually consume in one sitting. However, after one marathon wee-wee session in the bathroom at the theater, I was good-to-go.

The movie wasn't nearly as funny as I'd hoped it would be, but I was delightfully buzzed and in good company with great peopleI can't complain.

On Saturday morning I was a bit hungover because my body doesn't remember how to properly metabolize alcohol, so my long run had to wait. I spent the morning sunning myself outside and reading, then Clayton and I ventured into town to visit the flea market and hit up a deli for some sliced turkey to satisfy our hunger pangs.

I was hoping to score something for our new house, but the flea market was more or less a bust. The only item I was remotely interested in was a 2-foot tall ceramic cat that I wanted to buy simply for the pleasure of giving it to someone as Christmas gift ... So then I could later visit their home and act really offended when I discover they didn't have it proudly displayed on their mantel.

But the flea market did have this nifty statue made from VHS tapes:

^^I would seriously consider putting this in my house. You know, as a conversation piece.

While out on our shopping adventure, we stumbled upon what is perhaps one of the greatest innovations in breakfast since the Mickey Mouse pancake:

They taste EXACTLY like cake batter! It was a cake-obsessed girl's dream come true! I don't necessarily condone eating Pop Tarts as an actual breakfast food because any nutritional value they might have is seriously negated by an overwhelming amount of sugar, but I highly recommend them as a midnight snack while you're curled up on the couch watching Hannibal and trying not think about Anthony Hopkins eating your face.

The rest of the weekend was business as usual. I squeezed in my weekend long run just before sunset on Saturday evening. While I felt strong and able for the duration of my workout, I know it was slow. It's only June, but the humid air is already making my legs not want to do anything. I figured it was best to not record my time at all, lest I wanted to be in a bad mood for the rest of the night.

I've only been regularly running for about 3 years now (My runiversary is in July. Don't worry, I'll set up a gift registry soon), but I'm already a bit concerned about the long-term effects that my favorite hobby may have on my body. While I haven't had any major complaints as of yet (*knocks on wood and says prayers to Jesus*), I really want to keep myself in good condition so that I can be one of those 70 year-old woman who shows up at the local road races and kicks major booty. I'm considering cutting down my mileage for a few months until marathon training begins.

So instead of my typical Sunday morning 3-mile recovery run, I opted to do some light weight-lifting and walking. However, I was in a hurry and wanted to do a lot more in a small amount of time time, so I cheated and still ran a mile, but hey, it was just one.

I spent Father's Day morning cleaning up the house (in between power naps) so that we could enjoy the evening with my in-law's. Teresa made my father-in-law's favorite dinner, rolled chicken, and it was nice to let Joey run around with his cousin in their backyard. 

The weekend was capped off with me frantically finishing the homework that I forgot was due and getting started on the second trial of cupcakes for my friend's upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I was surprised when I realized that this was the first time I've ever made vanilla cupcakes from scratch. Vanilla cake is my favorite and I just found it weird that I had never made them before. I used a random recipe from the internet and overall, I was pretty happy with the results.

Do you have any goals for the week? I'm hoping to:
  • Finish The Book of Bright Ideas
  • Attempt Martha Stewart's Mile-High Apple Pie
  • Do Jillian Michaels' obnoxious kickboxing work out
  • And, as a run-off from last week, get the rest of the laundry done!


  1. I love anything related to confetti/funfetti flavor :-) Looks like I'll have to track down those pop tarts! Sounds like you had a fun, relaxing weekend! I also think it's good to run without data every now and again. I like to call it naked running.

  2. i feel very much the same as you today. happy monday afternoon. my goal this week is to start a pushup challenge with KJB and finish the book i'm reading, A Paris Wife.


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