Weekend recap

Wow! Weekend, where did you go?! I kind of wanted more time with you.

But happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was, in a word, BUSY. Ever have one of those weekends where you barely had time to relax and yet, you did absolutely nothing productive? That's what happened to me. My biggest domestic accomplishment was washing the dishes. The mountain of laundry in the hallway? Neglected.

The highlight of my weekend was the Race for Literacy 5k on Saturday. Judging by the nasty thunderstorm that blew through our area in the wee hours that morning, I was fairly certain the race would be cancelled. However, most runners love running the rain and unless there is lightning or hail, we tough it out!

You can tell I didn't sleep well the night before.  The more my eyes squint, the less sleep I got.
After the race. You can't tell I'm soaking wet.
I've done the Race for Literacy for the past 3 years. I'm not a particularly big fan of the race itself (it's for a good cause, but the route is kind of hilly and awful), but I keep doing it because it's a good gauge of my yearly progress. I'm happy to report that I improved by time by a whopping 8 seconds from last year!

Oh yeah, and I totally came in first for my age group for the second time in a row.

My bling.

But don't go getting all impressed on me just yet. The rain kept a lot of people away and a bigger race outside of town kept the elite runners occupied. I may have won my division and earned a sweet medal, but it's not like I beat out TONS of people or anything.

Clayton and I did spend a few hours finishing the 5th season of True Blood. This is the first summer we've had HBO and the idea of watching the newest season of the show as it happens this month is wicked exciting for us. Any other True Blood fans out there?

I also did a trial run of cupcakes for my friend's upcoming vow renewal ceremony. Cat approached me several weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in providing cupcakes for the event and I was like, "DARN SKIPPY I WILL!" My first baking gig!

We decided on two different types of cupcakes for the Italian-themed cuisine: chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting and vanilla cupcakes with Italian butter cream frosting. This weekend I did a trial run of the mocha cupcakes and used two different icing recipes so I could be sure to present my friend with the absolute best I could muster.

Needless to say (and much to Clayton's delight), our kitchen was littered with cupcakes for the better part of the weekend. My first mocha icing recipe turned out far thinner than I had hoped and I refused to let them out of our house, so I promised those cupcakes to Clayton. But then I accidentally sprayed them with de-greaser while I was cleaning up the kitchen and ruined my husband's afternoon. 

My goals for the upcoming week:
Practice patience in multiple areas, especially when contending with the parents of my softball players (it's getting out of hand!).
Complete at least half the laundry.
Weed the small flower bed in our backyard.
Do my arm weight routine (I'm terrible about it!).

What are your goals for the upcoming week?