Things I Love Thursday

I was all about getting in a celebratory National Running Day run last night after coaching softball, but I got a horrible side stitch only about 5 minutes in. Of all the days, right? So I only made it 1.25 miles on the runners' holiday, but that's okay. It was a scheduled cross-training day any way.

Friday is on the horizon and I think we should ring in the weekend by talking about something that I love! :)

Ke$ha. Feel free to totally judge me, but I am on a major Ke$sha kick (though I'm still flat-out agitated by the stupid dollar sign in her name. You don't see me signing my name C@urtn3y, do you?). Watching her perform on stage is kind of like watching a septic tank explode, but her music is undeniably catchy and her Warrior album has been making its rounds on my iPod lately. "Die Young" and "Gold Trans Am" are probably my favorite tracks.

Tangerine anything. I have smell cycles, is that weird? Last summer Yankee Candle's Pineapple Cilantro made my world go round, but this summer I'm obsessing over tangerine. It smells like vacation, cocktails and refreshment and that makes my nostrils happy. My bath wash is tangerine, our kitchen soap is tangerine, our room spray is tangerine, ect. The only tangerine thing missing in my house is ... actual tangerines. 

My new red shoes. I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of red shoes for gosh, 2 years now! There's just something about a small pop of red that can really enhance an outfit and pull your whole look together. I bought these shoes a few weeks ago when I was out shopping for Clayton's birthday present (when I shop for other people, I'm very much a "One for you, one for me!" type of person.) and at only $14, they were a steal! Flat shoes are really starting to grow on me. I wear these babies with my trouser jeans and feel like a Kennedy.

Homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella. My hubby considers himself to be somewhat of a pizza connoisseur and on evenings when he's the only one available to cook, he likes to spoil us. Every time he's tasked with grocery shopping, he brings home a ball of fresh mozzarella cheese that tastes divine when melted over warm dough and tomato sauce. He made this delicious-looking pizza for us last night!

What are some things you're loving this week?


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