The Big 10

On June 11th, 2003, I sat in my old bedroom in my mom's old house, clutching our purple telephone in my sweaty palm and spent several seconds mustering up the courage to shakily ask a boy if he was officially my boyfriend. That boy said yes.

And he wasn't just any boy, he was Clayton. Where most people would now say, "And little did I know, he would one day be my husband", I can confidently say that even at the tender, naive age of 17, I knew I was meant to be with this person. From that day forward, Clayton always was (and always will be) my person.

Exactly 10 years ago today, Clayton and I put the official stamp on our relationship and despite living on opposite sides of the state, I've never been closer to anyone in my life. What started out as full-blown puppy love has blossomed into the most constant, beautiful blessing in my life. I prayed for him before I even knew his name or his face. I don't question why I was fortunate enough to find someone so wonderful and at such a young age; I'm just thankful.

10 years. 3,650 days of being tethered to the other half of my heart. 315,360,000 minutes of knowing I am wholly loved (and I'm pretty sure almost half of those minutes have been spent on the phone together).

(Anyone else expecting me to bust out in "Seasons of Love" from Rent?)

And it's only the beginning.

In hopes of not sounding too syrupy sweet or sappy, I'd like to commemorate this special milestone by posting 10 of my favorite pics from the last 10 years accompanied by 10 things I adore about my husband. If anything, this will prove as photographic evidence that we just keep getting better and better looking.


1.) Even though I'm a big girl and know how to take care of myself when I go out running alone, Clayton always demands to know what time to expect me back so he doesn't start to worry.

Before going to a Halloween party.  Obviously. We don't dress like this regularly. (Or do we!?)

2.) When we were in high school, Clayton used to send me letters almost every week. Hand-written letters.

My 24th birthday.

3.) As much as he initially protests and as often as the favor is not reciprocated, Clayton rubs my back and feet almost every night.

January 2008

4.) When we were dating, Clayton and I both had a fascination with the moon. We would sit outside in our respective backyards and look at it together while we talked on the phone. Jokingly, he told me he would take me there someday. About a year later, we went to a museum in Indianapolis that had a special exhibit about space and while we sat in an IMAX theater watching a film about moon exploration, he leaned over and whispered to me, "I told you I'd take you to the moon one day."

I dressed up for a Halloween work party the fall before we got hitched. Clayton has no idea.

5.) Clayton bought us the board game Guess Who? and we sit on the couch sometimes and play 10 straight games.

My favorite engagement photo.

6.) Clayton will walk up to me at random times while I'm in the house and pull down my pants for no explicable reason and run away with them. I always scream at him for being so annoying, but it always makes me about pee myself from laughing (which I guess is convenient since my pants are off).

Out and about in Nashville, IN the fall of 2009

7.) Clayton is really, really good with kids and watching him interact with them makes my heart melt.

A "just because" photo session spring 2011

8.) Clayton knows a ridiculous amount of stats and facts about sports. His knowledge of football and baseball never ceases to amaze me. I love his passion for the game!

Our wedding day, December 7th, 2008

9.) He's told me the same story about him swallowing a bee no fewer than 50 times and I think it's adorable.

Our honeymoon in Mexico.

10.) Clayton has been to every single one of my races. He's waited for more than 2 hours at a time for me to finish a half marathon and he gets up at 5:45 a.m. on the weekends to get me to the start line.

From my senior pictures in 2004.

Happy dating anniversary, my bearded beau!


  1. Congratulations on an awesome milestone!:)

  2. How sweet! You guys actually have gotten better and better looking and haven't aged at all in 10 years... WHAT! So cool to make it to the big 10, hope every year keeps getting better and better!


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