Test drive

Oh my goodness, this week is CRAY CRAY and it's only Tuesday! (I still maintain that the expression "cray cray" is my absolute favorite thing to come out of 2011 ... other than Charlie Sheen's audacious declaration of "WINNING!")

When I know I'm destined with chaotic day, I totally skip washing my hair in the morning so I can be sure to have ample time to drop by Starbucks on my way into the office. I didn't even bother to ask for Blonde Roast to appease my sensitive tummy. I told the barista, "Give me your strongest, darkest roast. I want to sprout some hairs on my chest and develop a heart arrhythmia ... And make it snappy!"

Just kidding. I'm actually very polite. 

I'm anxious to get this hectic day over with so I can get home, get to the trail, and test out my Saucony Kinvaras!

Have I mentioned that I've been cheating on my Brooks running shoes since January? Because I totally am. I tried a pair of Saucony's on a whim during a sale this past winter and my feet were smitten from the very first run. (And Saucony's bright color combinations are a-mah-zing!)

I have, um, enormously fat feet. Seriously, my feet look like bricks. And Saucony's models of shoes seem to have more room in the toe box than any of my Brooks ever did, and it's made for a much more comfortable stride. 

Sorry, Brooks. This hurts me more than it hurts you.

But I can tell you one thing that it doesn't hurt: MY FAT FEET! YAY!

Look how obnoxiously purple they are!!!

And if you don't think I actually verbally apologized to my Brooks, you're totally wrong ... because I did. I even neatly stored them in my closet and pet them for a few seconds while I explained the situation. 

Other runners know what I'm talking about!


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