Ol' snake eyes

Happy Hump Day! The first time I saw that Geico commercial, I cackled like an IDIOT and then had to run upstairs to reenact if for Clayton. I do an awesome impression of a camel.

As you probably already know from Tuesday's post, yesterday was a special milestone for Clayton and I. June 11th, 2013  marked our 10 year anniversary of being a couple and even though dating anniversaries don't really count too much after the wedding, we still wanted to celebrate in a small way. We had considered going out to dinner, but Clayton had a softball double-header that night and we, um, just bought a house, so we're a little strapped for cash.

Instead of an evening out, Clayton and I had a mini date after work and went to the gas station where we first met. Now, before you go around assuming that we're total white trash for meeting at a gas station, keep in mind that Clayton and I dated long-distance for the first year and a half of our relationship. Long story short: my best friend met Clayton's best friend on a spring break vacation in Missouri several weeks prior and when he invited her to his junior prom, I was drug along, too. My best friend assured me that there would be a guy for me and that guy, as we all know, was Clayton.

So we drove down on the Friday afternoon before prom and we chose this particular gas station as a common meeting place. I was sitting on the hood of my best friend's car, waiting for the boys to arrive.

And that was the very first time I laid eyes on Clayton.

So yesterday after work, we went back to that same gas station and sat on the hood of our car and enjoyed each other's company for awhile. We also purchased our go-to traveling beverages that we always took with us on trips back and forth to our respective towns: A blue Gatorade for him and a Coke-a-Cola for me.

(I haven't drank regular soda in forever and it about dang near killed me! My old lady stomach can't handle all of that sugar anymore. But nothing beats an ice cold Coke on a hot day, and that's a fact you can take to the bank.)

I tried to snap a picture of the occasion, as sentimental girls like me are wont to do, but something went horribly awry with the camera on my phone because while Clayton ended up looking spiffy as always, I came out looking like Satan. Seriously, why are my pupils so dark and why are they ... slits? What you're seeing is a picture layered with like, 50 different filters in an attempt to downplay my snake eyes.

Not our best work, honey. Not our best work.

I look like I want to eat your soul ... or like I just did.

Bah! I am already SO JAZZED about our weekend plans, so I'm bummed it's only Wednesday. On Friday night, Clay and I are going to see This Is The End with Dan and Emily. Several of our favorite comedic actors in one film? Yes, please!

While Emily and I were emailing back and forth to cement our plans, she came up with a brilliant idea: "Why don't we meet up at the theater, buy tickets to a later showing and then wander over to the Mexican restaurant nearby for a margarita tower? Then we can stagger back and watch the movie?"

You had me at margarita tower.

Happy Wednesday!