I've been nominated!

Holy moly, I woke up in a fantastic mood this morning. I went to sleep around 10:30 p.m. (which is like going to bed at 6 p.m. normal-people-time) and the entire hour leading up to my bedtime, I was snuggled under the covers and plowing through my newest book:

Jen Lancaster is one of my favorite authors and while I think her memoirs are kind of losing their edge, I'm in love with her newest novel about a former high school Queen Bee who gets  the chance to right some wrongs in her past.

And not only that, I logged into my email this morning and discovered that Courtney from Splendid Actually has nominated me for a Liebster Award! I've seen Liebster nominations and awards pop up on other blogs before, and I always kind of secretly wanted one myself.

Liebster is German (as am I) and means "lovely" or "dearest", and this award is given to bloggers from bloggers. It's a fun, exciting way for fellow bloggers to meet and publicize their site to the general public, as well as recognize some of the smaller blogs out there who have yet to acquire hundreds of followers.

So now, I'm going to pass it along to some of my favorite bloggers!

The rules that apply when receiving the Liebster Award are...

-Link back to the blog that nominated you
-Nominate 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers (I'm basing mine on bloglovin' because that's how I follow blogs. I realize many of you have more than 200 followers in other sources.)
-Answer questions posted by you from your nominator
-Share 11 random facts about yourself
-Create 11 Questions for your nominees to answer
-Contact your nominees and let them know!


Here are my questions to answer...

1. Think like a kid again. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be Robin Hood. I seriously thought I could grow up and become the fox from the Disney movie. Looking at the future like the child I once was, if I could be absolutely anything in the whole world, I would be a Hollywood actress in big blockbuster comedies and dramas. It feels really hokey and vain to admit that this is something I would love to do, but it's true. However, a more realistic goal that I am just as passionate about is to be a professional writer.

2. What animal are you most like?
This one is a toughie. I really want to somehow make being like a dog work for me, but dogs are loyal and love their owners unconditionally. If you make me mad, I'll totally ditch you and refuse to sit on your lap for belly rubs later. So that totally doesn't work. If  I'm being TRULY honest, I think the animal I'm most like is a squirrel. I'm a busy body and I rarely look both ways before I dart across the street during my runs.

3. What is your favorite song?
I'm really don't think I have a definitive favorite song. There are too many good choices out there to pick just one. But if someone was forcing me to choose, I'd probably say Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now".

4. I love colors. What is your favorite color combination right now?
Ah! Great question! I'm in the process of mentally decorating our soon-to-be home and have been obsessively checking out paint swatches and fabric colors. While this combination won't work with any of my current home decor and is merely a pipe dream, I LOVE gray and yellow together.

5. What do you have a lot of?
My immediate reaction was to say, "Cellulite", but I don't think that's what this question is getting at. I have a lot of scarves. And a LOT of running shorts. And a TON of books.

6. Ice cream is my treat of choice all year round, what's yours?
Ice cream is a GREAT choice, but I'm gonna have to go with cupcakes. If I could paint my body in frosting every day so I'd have a constant supply of it available to me, I would. 

7. What DIY project are you most excited to try? Share a link.
Ooo! Another good ones! Again, since we are in the process of buying a house and I'm losing sleep over how eager I am get to my grubby little hands on it, I've been looking at a lot of DIY projects on Pinterest. I'm all jazz hands excited about the house's sunny yellow kitchen, and I think these DIY cake plates would be a nice touch when hosting a dinner party:


8. What is your favorite blog post you've ever written?
My post that recapped an episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction was probably the most fun I've had writing in quite a while. If it's weird, slightly inappropriate and creepy, I'll love writing about it.

9. Where do you like to shop the most?
I don't really have a favorite clothing store anymore because most stores are either too expensive or they design clothes for baby prostitutes. My favorite place to shop is probably Target because I can buy snacks, oven mitts and cute, inexpensive work clothes all in the same place.

10. What are your favorite types of blog posts to read?
This is going to sound super hateful, but I really don't care to read posts that are nothing but reviews (and tons of pictures) of places that the blogger has visited. I don't care about your trip to Paris and all of the pictures of buildings you took; I really don't. I'm stuck here in the states, at my desk, too broke to travel abroad. So thanks for rubbing it in. And that sushi restaurant in your city that has a really great spring roll? I live 1,000 miles away from you. How is this relevant to me? That being said, I really enjoy when bloggers talk about their personal style (I am a sucker for a good before and after pic) or  when they spill some silly confessions.

11. Tell me I'm not the only one: Are you bad at applying self-tanner? Or are you a pro? share your tips ;)
Ha! My experience with self-tanner is quite limited. I've gotten a spray tan once and no one told me that an actual person would be spraying me, not a machine, and I showed up without underwear and a bra. I was buck naked and being painted by a stranger who kept assuring me that since she was a medical student, she'd "seen it all". I've used the gradual self-tanning lotion quite a few times and the best tip I have is this: Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize before applying the tanner and, if all else fails, make sure you have a husband who is willing to rub it onto your back. :)


11 Random facts...

1. I have a weakness for sugar-free energy drinks.
2. My favorite breakfast food is waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.
3. My mom, sister and I have a cassette tape recording of us singing All for One's "I Swear" at a theme park in the early 90s.
4. I am a lover of chick lit and I'm not ashamed!
5. If I don't Q-tip my ears every single morning, I feel disgusting for the entire day.
6. My sister and I used to play in the pine needles beneath the giant pine trees in our front yard and build nests and pretend like we were birds.
7. My sister and I had/have crazy-good imaginations.
8. I've never seen Dirty Dancing all the way through. I know, I know. Feel free to revoke my woman card at any time.
9. I can water ski. My dad lives on a lake and when I was a young teenager, he taught me how. I always preferred using two skis rather than solemn skiing.
10. When my hair is long enough, I'm going to dye it ombre.
11. My mom makes the best meatloaf on the planet, and that's a fact that I'm sure you could find in a textbook somewhere.


11 questions for my nominees...

1. Let's talk about fantasies: If two celebrities were fighting to the death for your love and affection, who would they be?
2. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what movie would it be?
3. What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time?
4. What s your favorite article of clothing and why?
5. Have you ever been in love? How did you know it was love?
6. When you order a hamburger, what toppings do you put on it?
7. Who wore your favorite Oscars dress?
8. When you jumped off the diving board as a kid, what was your go-to move? Cannon ball? Pencil dive?
9. Skinny jeans or flared jeans?
10. What was high school like for you?
11. Why do you love to blog?


My nominees... (and if any of you lovely gals have more than 200 followers, I sincerely apologize!)

-Hannah from Scribbles & Glitz
-Courtney from Courtney Em
-Sarah from Sarah's Sarcasm
-Erica at Pocket Full of Chuckles
-Rachel at Curious Runner Girl


  1. YAY! Love the answers to your questions. I love reading your posts because they always make me laugh.

  2. Thanks for the nomination! Loved your answers. Will get round to doing mine when I get the chance. Have to mull over a few of the Qs... And research Oscars dresses


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