It's okay, I wasn't tired anyway

So this happened last night:

When I took Joey for his evening walk, lightning illuminated the clouds on the horizon and later I heard small rumbles of thunder as I was putting my book down and preparing to fall asleep. Around 1 o'clock in the morning, I was jolted awake by a clap of thunder that threatened to split the earth in half.

It seriously sounded like what would happen if you wandered into a janitor's closet and they shut off the lights and you had to find your way out: A clamor from stepping in buckets, tipping over brooms, and knocking cans of paint off of shelves. It was a ruckus.

I totally take back all of those times I complained about never getting any decent thunderstorms in our area. 

While there were quite a few cracks of thunder that accelerated my heart rate and sent me flying under the covers, I think lightning totally stole the show during last night's storm. The only way I can think to describe the frequency and brightness of the lightning is to compare it to a strobe light. I couldn't fall back asleep because even with my eyes shut, I could make out the constant, rapid-fire bolts right outside of our window.

It was like being at a rave that would not quit.

It was intense. 

Even Joey wandered over to my side of the bed, quivering and begging to jump up and nestle in the safety between Clayton and I. He eventually settled for hiding under the bed, and I spent the rest of the night with my leg wrapped around one of Clayton's so I could be sure he was there. 

I love thunderstorms, but they can be quite destructive to my sleep schedule. I laid awake for well over an hour, contemplating how odd it is that I can find something to be both scary and relaxing at the same time. 

Obviously the development and intensity of thunderstorms can be scientifically explained 6 ways from Sunday (duh!), but for fellow believers, thunderstorms are also a physical manifestation of our Creator's awesome power. Storms can be strong enough to destroy, and yet they can also nourish and replenish the earth. We had a lot of branches and twigs strewn about our yard this morning, but I also noticed that our withering yucca plant had perked up significantly from the rain. 

Yay or nay: are thunderstorms scary?


  1. I love storms! That being said I have become scared of them in the sense that I wonder if I will be able to get to my children fast enough and get them to safety if need be. I do find them relaxing and amazing though!

    1. As much as I love thunderstorms too, I always have a lingering fear of those sirens going off! While I don't have kiddos to attend to, I worry about grabbing the hubs, our dog and a heavy blanket and hitting the bathroom before it's too late!

  2. Thunderstorms always freak me out, too! The one last night was crazy :O


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