Hey, Everybody! Come see how good I look!

I'm pretty sure that taking a picture of yourself in a public restroom is the epitome of classy. What's even classier? If someone is in a nearby stall actually going to the bathroom and you silence your phone so she won't be privy to your random, shameful acts of vanity.

But like I've said before, I don't have a full-length mirror at home and asking a total stranger to take a picture of me simply because "My hair doesn't look totally gross today" might be a bit weird, so I gotta stick with the bathroom selfie if I ever want to share my cute outfits with the world. (Hey, at least I don't make the duck face that often!)

If the other girl in the bathroom would have emerged from her stall and caught me in the act, I would've confidently justified the situation with, "It's okay; I'm a blogger."

I had a big meeting at work today (hopefully more on that in a future post!) and earlier this week I realized I was sorely lacking in the professional dresses department. I got the above dress at such a good sale price, I'm surprised it wasn't illegal. Isn't it cute? It has a "This might have been made in the 90s" pattern that I'm kind of digging and a belted waist is every woman's best friend.

I received several compliments on this dress today and I must say, fawning over cute clothes is something I really miss from my days of working with women. Because let's be honest, the two guys in my office would only notice my clothes if they were on fire.

Using day-old hair (meaning I skipped washing it this a.m.), I was able to wrestle my tresses into a low sock bun that, after teasing it until I though it would break off, looked much thicker and fuller than my normal hair. (I can barely brush my own hair. The fact that I created a successful sock bun is almost inconceivable.)

I work in a professional setting, so I wear dress clothes every day, but sometimes looks just come together better than others and today was definitely one of those days. I've felt a little frumpy lately because I've been recycling the same outfits and the summer weather makes my hair sad, so it was nice to walk out of the house this morning feeling more confident. 

This evening after work, Clayton will be whisking me away to a wine pairing class that will be focusing on summer wines. An evening spent sipping wine with my love? I'll take it!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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