Happy Happenings

I woke up in a good mood today. Like, really good. Like "Red Bull gives you wings" good. Last night I cranked up the air conditioning, went to bed a bit earlier than usual, and slept like a baby throughout the entire night. It's the first good night's sleep I've gotten in many moons, and I am incredibly thankful.

Did you know that it's actually possible to have a good day when you have to work? I know, I know; I didn't think it was possible either, but it's amazing how much your general outlook on life improves when you're well rested.

I think I might make this a regular series on the blog. It's always nice to pay homage to the small, seemingly unimportant things that can add up and make a mundane weekday bright. 

Some little things that have made for a nice day today:

A couple of the girls from our 8 and Under softball team made me bracelets this summer, and they match my dress perfectly.

Kelly Clarkson seems to be following me wherever I go on the Internet today. This banner popped up on one my favorite websites saying, "Come see Kelly Clarkson". Don't mind if I do! Now, where is she?

I keep our office's mini fridge stocked with green tea and after trekking through the hot parking lot this afternoon, cold tea was a perfect refreshment!

It was rainy when I woke up this morning, but by mid-morning it was absolutely gorgeous outside. So much so, I ate my lunch outside on our patio and got a little sun on my legs.

What made your day today?


  1. My morning runs always make my days a little bit happier. It means going to bed at grandma hours but getting up early to take time for myself really makes a huge difference in my mood for the entire workday.

  2. Love those bracelets... so cute!! :)


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