Courtney Confessions

Confession: Waiting until August to close on our house is probably going to kill me. We're only about 2 weeks into the waiting process, and I already think I might pass out if I don't paint or decorate something. I know it might be a little premature, but I temporarily shut myself up by splurging on a new bathroom set for the second bathroom. You know, since we're gonna be super snobs with not one, but two showers.

I fell in love with this shower curtain (from Target)
and paired it with some fun, brightly colored accessories (also from Target. Doesn't every just LOVE Target!?).
Then I had the beagle sign printed through Etsy and it will be framed accordingly.

Confession: I've been sleeping like absolute garbage for the past several nights. Despite how physically tired my body may feel, when I finally get around to resting my head on my pillow, my brain is suddenly all like, "Hey, wanna think about absolutely everything that worries or concerns you? That sounds fun, let's do that. Better yet, do you want think about the uncertainties in your future? That will make for a nice bedtime story."

Confession: My new Saucony running shoes rub against my heel in the worst way possible. After every run I've had with them, I've come back home bleeding. I've tried taller socks and putting a bandage over the sensitive area, but nothing prevents the back of the shoe from rubbing off my flesh. ... But they're too cute to stop wearing ...

Confession: I baked a cherry pie last weekend for a dinner date with Dan and Emily, and I seriously had to Google how to make a lattice pattern with the pie crust. Lacing together strings of dough doesn't compute properly in my brain. It's like voodoo magic.

Bonus confession: During the drive over to Dan and Emily's, I held the pie in my lap and kept having flashbacks of Warrant's music video for "Cherry Pie".

As always, feel free to share your own weekly confessions in the comment section below!


  1. that pie almost looks fake - it looks so perfectly laid out. good job!! looks yummy :)

  2. What a pretty pie! And I love the bathroom look :)

  3. I am assuming you already tried moleskin on your heels. That stuff is amazing! Also, I have found it helpful to keep paper and several pens/pencils by my bed for when my brain won't shut off. You can make a list of all the things you are thinking about and your brain can relax knowing you "took care of it" by writing it all out on paper. If all else fails, take some melatonin.


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