The Great Gatsby movie, a small review


This week I saw The Great Gatsby and it. was. awesome! I forwent my hubby's softball game on Tuesday night so my friend Brittany and I could see the movie, and I was vibrating with excitement as we entered the theater. We wanted to get there extra early to be sure we got good seats, but that proved to be a moot point because there were maybe 10 people in the entire theater. Oops. Oh well.

I finished re-reading the book just a few weeks ago, so the entire story was fresh on my mind and I was bursting at the seems to see how director Baz Luhrmann would interpret the lavish party scenes at Gatsby's mansion.

The Roaring Twenties? Luhrmann NAILED it (not like I was actually around for the 1920s, but still). I think I had goosebumps for the first 30 minutes of the movie. 

In all honesty, I'm not the biggest fan of the book. I think the characters are underdeveloped, shallow and I don't think Gatsby was presented with any real redeeming qualities. However, the movie made me fall in cinema-tically in love with him and his unshakeable hope (then again, it WAS Leonardo DiCaprio. Not a hard man to love.), and the story felt much more romantic with the stunning visuals and the actors' passion.

Some critics have said the film makes a mockery of the book, but I have to disagree. I never understood why The Great Gatsby is revered as such a classic because it's kind of a droll, boring read. The movie added life to the characters that Fitzgerald's words didn't. (In my humble opinion.)

I loved the movie so much, I wanted to throw up. I literally wanted to expel all of the contents of my stomach in order to make more room for love for Gatsby. 

And if anything, watch the movie for the soundtrack. Jack White, Jay-Z and Lana Del Rayoh my! 

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


  1. I have been trying to find the best time to go see it. I am absolutely convinced now that I need to see it ASAP.

    1. Jack White, Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey?? Really! Genius!

    2. Love the 20's

    3. Liked the book....for what it middle school?

    4. Leo is definitely one of my favorite actors

    5. I was on a Django Unchained high for several months, and now that that is slipping away, this may revive that.

    I will probably see it tomorrow.

    1. I LOVED Django Unchained! I haven't seen too many Quentin Tarantino films, so I was a little surprised by the violence. But it was still amazing. And Leo DiCaprio was fantastic in that as well.

      Let me know what you think of the movie!

  2. Ohemgee I need to see it! Hopefully soon!

  3. I agree I was overwhelmed at how amazing this movie was! I read the book and remember liking it in HS but the movie just added so much more depth. And I'm totally with you on the goosebumps! Ahh!


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