Happy Birthday, Clayton!

Today is a verrry, verrry special day! (I tried to type "very" the way I envision Charles Barkley would say it.) May 23rd is not only the beginning of a super long Memorial Day weekend for most folks, it's also my hunky hubby's birthday!

I love Clayton's birthday almost as much as I love my own, which is a good thing since Clayton could really care less about his special day. I like to go balls to the wall for him and do my absolute best to ensure he has a nice birthday because he never does anything for himself. He deserves to be pampered!

In years past, we're thrown a party at a restaurant or invited people over to our house for food and games. This year, the hubs has requested a quiet evening with a home-cooked meal of his choice (he requested steak, mashed potatoes and gravy with corn and anything else that could possibly clog his arteries) and a cake to celebrate.

Last night I stayed up far too late marinating the steaks and baking his birthday cake (this softball schedule is cray cray!). He asked for my special chocolate cake slathered in cookie dough icing and if I haven't driven the point home before, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS ICING. It's seriously the best thing that's ever happened to my recipe book.

After we eat our steak dinner, Clay's parents will be joining us for cake and then it's off to the movie theater because I scored us tickets to the midnight showing of The Hangover 3!

And since I'm such an old fart, I took Friday off of work because I know I'll be too tired from the movie to wake up tomorrow morning. Clayton's office is working through their big summer project, so he's forbidden to take any time off right now and he's super jealous that I get to sleep in ... and I like rubbing it in. Because I'm a good wife.

Clayton's 26th birthday. Giving him a nipple pinch for good luck.

Happy 27th birthday, Love!


  1. Happy Bday to ur hubs! Cake looks amazing!!

  2. Happy birthday to him! And OMG that cake :P

  3. Happy bday to your hubs! That cake looks AMAYZING. I almost licked my screen.

    Is that weird?

    Ok, good.

  4. I specifically wrote on his facebook wall yesterday that he was to make you be nice to him. I don't think that nipple pinching and rubbing in the fact that you get to sleep in count! :)

    Aaaaand, I'll be in town tomorrow. So feel free to take a slice of that yummy cake you pictured above over to my parent's house. Thanks dear! LOL.


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