Catching up

I’ve gotten so caught up in the Blog Every Day in May challenge (gosh, I’m sick of typing that) that I’ve totally neglected all of my regular postings. When was the last time I did a Weekend Recap, a Courtney Confessions or a Things I Love Thursday?

It’s been awhile.

So, just to give you all an update on my life outside of the blogging challenge, it’s pretty much business as usual. I’m just as pumped for summer as the next person, but I gotta be honest, it’s already a little TOO hot for my taste. I’m not complaining (actually, I am), but we kind of skipped over the “breezy warm spring” season and made a quick leap into “oh my gosh, why does the air feel so hot and wet?” phase. 

The uber warm temperatures are already impeding on my running. I’m an afternoon/early evening runner most nights of the week, but there is still plenty-o heat to go around at 5:30 p.m. and it makes me feel sluggish. I’ve already developed a rather leprosy-looking heat rash from my Garmin watch.

Luckily, the sunshine masks a lot of the rash's little bumps. Blech!

 Have I mentioned that I sweat a lot? Cuz I do. 

Softball is going pretty well, both as a player and as a coach. I’m really enjoying my time with the little ones, but Maria and I have already gotten the “WHY ARE YOU SUCH TERRIBLE PEOPLE AND WHY DO YOU HATE MY PRECIOUS CHILD!?” comments from a parent. 

All parents think their 8 year-old is the next Jennie Finch and how dare we bench their child who is much more content to stand in the outfield picking dandelions rather than actually paying attention? I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened (overbearing parents come with the coaching territory), but it didn’t faze me nearly as much as I thought it would … which surprised me. I guess it’s because I went into coaching knowing I wasn’t going to please every player and every parent every time and just stopped caring.

My own softball-playing is going … okay. Is “okay” the appropriate term for half good/half bad? It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. My batting average is actually quite awesome this year, but my fielding is leaving something to be desired. It seems like it can never be both; one aspect of the game always comes at the price of another. I psyche myself out for every line drive that comes near me. It’s embarrassing and REALLY annoying. 

Since Clay’s and my week nights are pretty much promised to softball until mid-July, I’ve been utilizing our slow cooker quite a bit. I solicited the help of my readers (thank to those who responded!) for new Crock Pot recipes and the ones I received have NOT disappointed! 

Skinny Taste's taco chili was pretty darn good, but I think my current fave is the chicken and barley vegetable stew from Iowa Girl Eats

Taco chili over rice. (And a Stewie Griffin glass)
Chicken and Barley Veggie Stew. (All of the best food looks like vomit.)

While it’s definitely a recipe better suited for winter, I can’t get enough of it this week! It’s hearty and filling and unbelievably healthy! The sweet potatoes and carrots practically melt in your mouth and the kale? A great way to get the hubs to eat his leafy greens. Though it took forever and a day to find barley that wasn’t of the quick-cook variety, it was well worth the trouble.

Clay and I both finished our classes for the spring semester. I received a 97% in my food sanitation and safety class and I'm fairly certain Clayton got a B in his anatomy class. Considering how many terms that boy had to memorize, I am beyond impressed!

We took a cooking class together two weeks ago for something fun and couple-y to do. It was a "picnic dinner" that consisted of braised pork shoulder, shredded and served over a pretzel roll. (Have you ever had a pretzel roll? Up until that day, I hadn't either. Now I want one on my person at all times because they are DELICIOUS.) We also made a batch of both German and American potato salad to taste the differences. German potato salad is warm and heavily saturated in vinegar and everyone knows good ol' mayo-infused American tater salad. (I had every intention of snapping a few pictures of what we cooked, but we devoured it before I even had a chance to think about grabbing my camera. Oops.)

As for the world of Joebizzles, he's doing just great, too! I was shocked and shamed to learn that he ate his own poop last weekend, but other than that, he's peachy keen and loving all of his extra walks outside!

Nothing bothers this dog. Not even eating his own poop.

What have you been up to?


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