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Oh my goodness, I feel like the epitome of a hot mess today. I hastily decided to wear the teal Old Navy dress I bought last spring and as soon as I put it on this morning, I remembered exactly why I don't wear it anymore. It's made from one of those super fun materials that has to be ironed before every wear, but after sitting down for 5 minutes, the back wrinkles anyway. Plus, our cheap-o ironing board leaves white marks all over the dress, but by the time I noticed, I was in too much of a hurry to change.

And did I mention that the dress is sleeveless? And that I definitely forgot to drag a razor over my armpits?


Keeping my fingers crossed that no one asks me to do the The Wave today.

Anyway, our 8 and Under softball team won their first game last night! The Thunder is now 1-1, and Maria and I are so proud!

The girls' bats came ALIVE in the last inning, but we're pretty sure they only reason they did so well is because they noticed that Victor Oladipo was in the stands watching the game and they wanted to rush over and ask him for an autograph.

Yup, for all of my fellow  Hoosiers and college basketball fans: Tom Crean and Victor Oladipo came to our softball game last night. I'm not sure which little girl on the opposing team is Crean's daughter, but all I know is that their presence sent a wave of giggles through my girls (and me, if I'm being 100% totally honest).

One of the greatest, most touching photos EVER.


Or not.

But as soon as I caught wind of the special spectators, I immediately thought of my husband who had insisted he couldn't come to the game because he had to study for an anatomy final. I laughed to myself, thinking that he was going to majorly kick himself when he heard about this (you'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger IU fan than him!).

When there was a pause in the game, I sent him a playful text message: "Hope studying is going well. Crean and Oladipo are here. They hope you pass your final, too."

Maria and I made a few jokes about Clayton's car suddenly peeling into the parking lot and seriously, not even 10 minutes later, we spotted him running up to the field. 

Do I know that man well or WHAT?

"Why, whatever are YOU doing here?" I teased innocently.

"I came to support my wife, DUH!" he said, not taking his eyes of Coach Crean.

Clay and I are too cool for school, and I personally don't have the desire to solicit a conversation or an autograph from a celebrity while they're out and about, so we just admired our local heroes from afar while they signed autographs for a small crowd after the game.

However, on the way home I realized that Clayton was driving right in front of Coach Crean and I was directly BEHIND him so I called my hubby and squealed, "WE'RE MAKING A CREAN SANDWICH!"


Since I'm always looking for ways to expand my blog's readership (as well as looking for new topics to write about), I decided to participate in a challenge that Jenni of Story of My Life created called "Blog Every Day in May". The challenge is exactly as it sounds: the goal is to write a little something in your blog every day, weekend's included.

Now, unless I become tragically busy with some big event or project, I typically blog Monday-Friday. Weekends are kind of my "my blog doesn't exist right now" time, but I really want to take the Month of May to focus on my writing style (you know, get back to the root of why I'm blogging in the first place!).

Jenni has provided a list of writing prompts for every day in May and even though I missed the boat on her first topic, I still blogged on May 1st, so it still counts. (I'll be double-posting today as I jump on board with the challenge!)

If you're a blogger and would like to participate, click the Blog Every Day in May Button below and follow Jenni's instructions!


  1. So full confession, I have no idea who those two guys are. But I love that you know your man so well you could predict exactly what he'd do upon learning they were at your game. Ha! That's true love right there :)

  2. Ditto with Stephanie. Completely clueless of who those men are. Excited to see you are joining the blog challenge! I've seen several friends involved. Good luck on the challenge!

    1. That's okay, if you don't follow the NCAA, you probably wouldn't know them! Oladipo was a Hoosier basketball SUPER STAR this year and is going into the NBA next year. And Coach Crean is probably one of the best coaches we've ever had.


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