Blog Every Day in May: I stink at this.

I applaud anyone who's stayed on top of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I kind of fell off the radar AGAIN this weekend and for that, I apologize. Blogging on the weekends is hard for me. It's not that I don't have the time to do it (you can always make time for things you love), but I've always kind of viewed my weekends as time to myself ... and the chance to generate new ideas and experiences to share on my blog the following week.

You didn't miss much in the challenge. Saturday's topic was to write about something someone told  you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad). During my 27 years on earth, I've heard both good and bad things about myself and luckily, they have been mostly positive. I've yet to have someone say "You suck" to my face.

Probably one of the best things that I've ever been told about myself came from a heartfelt conversation I had with my mom early last summer. I was crying to her (of course) about a few things I was struggling with and I admitted, for the first time out loud, that sometimes I think I'm a rotten human being (seriously. You should hear some of my internal dialogue. I am a total a$$hole). My mom looked at me, equally upset, and replied, "You are one of the most good people I know." My mom has always praised and encouraged me; she always told me she was proud of me. So I don't know what it was, but the honest sincerity in her voice made it one of the absolute best compliments I've ever received.

Sunday's writing challenge was to post a link to something you've read online. If I was really taking this challenge seriously and had written about the things I read online, the post would be nothing but links to pictures of Grumpy Cat and shoe websites. So I did you a favor by not posting, really. You've been spared.

Yesterday we were tasked with writing a letter to our readers. Again, I don't think I denied you a literary treat by not participating in that one. I've expressed my appreciation to my readers on several occasions and it gets sappy if I keep saying, "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" like a creepy drunk uncle at a wedding reception.

While I was enjoying a Memorial Day cookout with Clayton's side of the family yesterday, one of his second cousins/I-still-can't-keep-track-of-how-everyone-is-related/family members came over to his grandmother's house to drop off a Vera Bradley owl notebook to me. She said she saw it, thought of my love of writing and owls, and had to buy it. I was so touched. Seriously.

How cute is this notebook? I'm legitimately asking. HOW CUTE IS IT!? The answer? SO CUTE!

And on my way out the door after the cookout, one of Clay's aunts called to me, "Keep writing that blog! I love reading it!" (I didn't even know she read it!)

So yes, I'm really, really appreciative to each and every person who reads this ridiculous blog. Just hearing that someone took the time to read one, single post makes me feel like a million bucks. You guys are fantastic at stroking this giant ego of mine.

Ha, stroke.

Now we're on to today's writing challenge!

Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures

Oh. Um ... about that ... I don't have any pictures lined up for a post. 

Well, this is awkward. 

So how about this?

Is this doin' it for ya? Look into my eyes. Everything you've ever needed to know about me and my day is right there.


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