Blog Every Day in May, Day 30: Letting go

I'm having a pretty darn good morning, and I have a grande Starbucks Blonde Roast with skim milk and a glowing annual performance evaluation to thank for that. I always experience some anxiety and minor bowel distress right before I have any kind of meeting with my boss that entails a critical look at performance as an employee. Even though I'm confident in my abilities at work, I need--like most things in life--validation from an outside source before I can truly believe it.

And I don't care who you are, it feels GOOD to be complimented. In the past, I've worked for a few companies that didn't really take the time to recognize their employees for their efforts and you'd be hard pressed to even get a "Great job!" response in an email. Not that I need praise for everything I do (that's not how the real world works), but it's amazing how quickly morale can be boosted by just extending a few words of kindness to your employees.

My boss (who I just learned hates being referred to as anyone's "boss") made my morning with all of the positive things he had to say about me and the work I do. I pride myself on a strong work ethic and just hearing that it hasn't gone unnoticed felt awesome.

After he finished delivering his feedback for each of the categories on the performance evaluation, I had the dopiest grin on my face. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "That's was so nice to hear! Thank you!" (I can't be cool about anything. Most people would just smile and say, "Thank you." Not me. I clutched my coffee cup to my chest, let out a surprised gasp and breathlessly screeched at a much-higher-than-normal octave, "That is SO. NICE.")

"Yup," he replied, shuffling some papers. "And half of what I said is actually true."

Hardy har har. My boss, the comedian.

Anyway, on to the 2nd to last blogging topic today!

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

After reading the phrase "Letting go", my immediate reaction is, "'Let Go' was the name of Avril Lavigne's debut album!" I only know that because my girlfriends and I were OBSESSED with that cd our sophomore year of high school. HE WAS A SK8TER BOI! (And this is why today's generation has terrible spelling and grammar.)

However, "letting go" is more than a wannabe punk rock album from an angst-ridden Canadian screech owl.  To me, "letting go" is to liberate yourself.

To let go means to free yourself of the burden of stress, anger, hopelessness, sadness,worry, jealousy--anything that is plaguing your heart and preventing you from enjoying your life. Making the decision to no longer let your burdens hold you captive is granting yourself freedom. We can't control what happens to us and we certainly cannot control other people, but we can always control how we internalize the world around us and how we react to injustices and hardships.

Letting go doesn't necessarily solve your problems, but it can certainly save your sanity. Letting go is a constant declaration of "This really sucks, but I'm not going to let it ruin my happiness. I acknowledge this bad feeling, but I'm not going to let it weigh me down any longer." Releasing your negativity is like letting out a giant sigh and watching it vanish in a gust of wind.

And now I have "Sk8ter Boi" in my head. Awesome.