Blog Every Day in May, Day 21: My favorite posts

Oh, thank heavens! An easy-ish writing topic today. Not that I'm complaining, but I was up too late drinking and my brain is on the fritz. Forming complete sentences today, I cannot.

I've been writing Notably Neurotic since, erm, 2009? No, that can't be right. I'd be way too down on myself if I've been at this for 5 years and STILL don't have much to show for it.

*checks archives*


Well, there you have it. Good thing I haven't quit my job in order to pursue blogging full-time. Geeze.

Anyway, I've been writing this blog for 5 years and that means that I'm bound to dump out a few decent posts every now and then. Not all blog posts can be gems, but sometimes I can't help but sit back at my computer with a smug sense of self-satisfaction because darn it, I just OWNED that post.

I find that my modest group of readers responds equally as positive to my more serious posts as they do to my more ridiculous, nonsensical ones. I like that my blog doesn't have a specific niche. I tried to do the whole "I'm a health and wellness blogger!" thing, but I bored myself to tears writing about the same kinds of things repeatedly and it only fed into some of my eating issues. This blog is all over the place. Kind of like me.

Some of my favs/more popular posts on Notably Neurotic:

Why I Quit Taking Beyaz is still my most popular post to date, averaging a few hundred hits daily (and I wrote it almost 3 years ago)! Clearly I wasn't the only woman who suffered whilst popping that particular baby prevention pill and the post's high numbers prove that I'm not the only person who obsessively searches the Internet for medical advice. I've been all but banned from logging into WebMD.

Fart-inducing Taco Dip ranks high on my list of favorites, too. I don't do a lot of recipe posts because I find them to be mostly boring and I'm not all that imaginative (i.e. I basically regurgitate recipes I already know with a few variations), but I like writing them. This one was fun. And it's still a fantastic recipe.

I wrote Apparently I Have A Lot of Feelings on the Victoria's Secret 2011 Holiday Fashion Show during a weak moment when I let my love of carbs make me feel inferior to super models.

I received a lot of positive feedback in regards to my Mean Girls post. This post is one of my personal favorites because it reflects my true writing style and allowed me to speak on a very publicized topic that seems to plague my gender.

I can admit it: Sometimes I think I'm hilarious. Re-reading My Strange Addiction: Licks Cats still makes me giggle.

My relationship with Clayton is my absolute favorite thing to write about, and regaling the Internet with stories of our marriage brings me SO MUCH JOY. The Small Matter of a Scrunchy encompasses so much of what goes on between us.

The World's Worst Study Buddy, too.

I also love my Mini Marathon Recap, a post detailing my very first half marathon in October 2010. Re-reading that post is just a sweet reminder of where I started and how far I've come. I mostly like how I clearly noted I was so proud of myself for finishing my FIRST half marathon. Even then I knew I was the start of something good ... :)

Which Notably Neurotic posts are your favorites? (Stroke my ego, please.)


  1. I like the Beyaz post the best! Very honest and well-written :)

  2. That taco dip looks amazing! I just might have to try it out someday. I used to do a lot of recipes on my blog but now I'm so pressed for time I haven't been getting creative :(


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