Blog Every Day in May, Day 15: A day in the life

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life
(include photos from throughout your typical day)

Nothing like a "day in the life" post to make you realize just how painfully boring your life is.

Actually, I take that back. I'd never say my life is boring because it's my life and I do enjoy it. But not every day can be filled with crazy adventures and wild shenanigans because adults have responsibilities and we have to work for a living. That being said, I think this writing topic would be better suited for a weekend day.

But being as I'm not one to back down from a challenge, here we go ...

My alarm goes off at 6:40 a.m. and this is my signal to get out of bed, walk a few feet across the room, grab my cell phone from its charger, put it on my night stand, take a pill, and crawl back into bed for about 20 more minutes. This is the time I've designated to take my birth control pill (or as we so lovingly refer to it in my house, my "slut medication") and I've been taking my pill at this time every day for the past 4.5 years. I should really change it to a time when I'm actually prepared to wake up, but I've never been a huge fan of logic.

It's riveting, I know.

When I finally stagger into the bathroom, I put in my contacts and hop in the shower. Then I go through my usual make-up routine and habitual hair styling frustration (the plight of having fine hair), all the while listening to Boy Meets World on the TV in the guest room. I've been listening/watching this show every morning for the past 2 years. It's cycled through the entire series about infinity times.

I leave for work around 7:50 a.m. and depending on the day, I may or may not stop for coffee on my way into the office (someone in the break room has gotten into a nasty habit of brewing a hazelnut roast and I think flavored coffee is disgusting). The line at Starbucks is usually too long, the coffee is too pricey, and they're generally completely out of their Blonde Roast by the time I get there. This means I usually grab a $.99 gas station breakfast blend coffee. Don't judge me and my poor choices. I have a rewards card that gets me a free coffee every week.

While I get settled and sip on coffee, my blog reader is always open!

The work day can be mundane, but all things considered, I do enjoy my job. I like being busy, so I tend to like the frantic, stressful days the most. Sometimes I come up with projects to work on, like the massive refiling project I took on this week. It's a huge undertaking, but it will be totally worth it when all is said and done.

I break for lunch and always, always go back home to see Joey and make sure he gets outside to walk. I prepare my usual lunch of apple slices slathered in peanut butter and a salad because healthy or not, I am a girl who loves her greens.

The wind blew his ears inside out. :)

Then it's back to work for a few more hours before I get to escape for the evening and go home and relax.

Only, I don't relax. As soon as I get home, I change my clothes and get my work out started. If I don't exercise immediately, I'm at high risk for scrapping the whole thing and taking a nap. I alternate running days with cross training days.

Contemplating a nap.
But I forced myself to do mile repeats instead.

If we don't have any scheduled softball games or prior commitments, I like to put a little effort into dinner. If we do have an event, practice or a game (and we usually do in the summer), I stick something in the Crock Pot or we end up standing over the sink eating sandwiches.

Clay and I are finally able to chill out and watch TV around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. every night. We catch up on our DVR'd shows, I might make myself a whiskey and Diet Coke, and we chit chat (and usually end up laughing ourselves stupid about goodness-knows-what). I may even curl up with one of my books while Clayton plays video games.

Last night I fell asleep watching a documentary called "Busting Out".
It's about America's fascination with ... boobs.

I usually excuse myself upstairs around 11:00 p.m., with Joebizzles in tow, to watch one of my ridiculous documentaries on my Kindle Fire. Clayton eventually wanders in to kiss me goodnight and I barely get through 10 minutes of a show or movie without passing out completely.

Is your work day this unexciting too?


  1. Bahaha I am still laughing at your nickname for birth control. Too funny. I am awful at afternoon workouts, the only reason I do them at the gym is because I have to teach and I get paid. haha I love Starbucks rewards, I am a gold card member too!!

    1. Ha, if I got paid to work out, I could work out any time of the day!

  2. i'm glad you have a name for your BC. it makes me feel normal that i call mine something else too.

    1. For the longest time I never told anyone I nicknamed my b.c. because I think the name I gave it is wildly inappropriate, but I stopped caring I figured I wasn't the only one! And I was right! :)

  3. I love day in the life posts! Haha about the birth control :P

    1. Thanks! This topic was hard to write on because I was really worried my day would be the most boring, uninteresting day ever!

  4. I love reading about other's day-in, day-out 'whatever''s nice to see how similar, and different we all are. The human-ness of it all.

    1. I know! We all think we're so weird or unique, but we're all ridiculously similar in a lot of ways!

  5. Love the day in the life post! My work days are just as exciting :P


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