Blog Every Day in May: Day 10

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill.

This topic makes me cringe. 

I've had more than my fair share of awkward happenings during my 27 years on this earth. In fact, sometimes I think my life has just been one, big embarrassing moment.

I'm so used to publicly humiliating myself, it's hard to nail down one specific incident as "the most embarrassing". Many of these occurrences have been discussed on this blog, and you can read about them here, here and here.

One embarrassing moment that I've never shared happened to me in fifth grade. It was 1996, my parents were newly divorced, and my mom had just moved my sister and I to a new city about 2 hours away from my hometown while she finished her master's degree. We didn't know a single soul upon our arrival and I attended an elementary school that was literally a 200-meter walk from my house (We were the Mitchell Mustangs and I designed our choir shirts that year. They transferred a picture I drew of a singing horse wearing a top hat. Yes, I was cheesy from a very young age.).

Everyone in my neighborhood attended that elementary school and as you can imagine, cliques and social groups had been established YEARS before I arrived on the scene. Despite being fairly accepted by the "cool" kids in my grade, I still felt like an outsider. Due to overcrowding, I was actually in a fourth/fifth grade mixed classroom and didn't get much interaction with the majority of the fifth graders down the hall.

Fifth grade was the highest grade in that elementary school, so each year there was a graduation program held in the school's gymnasium. I remember spending an exorbitant amount of time preparing for the ceremony on graduation morning, and I'm pretty sure everything I wore was borrowed from my mom's closet.

It was a drizzly morning, but the skies had cleared enough so that my mom and I could walk over to the school. I was wearing my mom's black loafers (oh, 1996) and since I wore tennis shoes 99% of the time, I wasn't used to wearing shoes without any tread.

In true Courtney fashion, I was a few minutes late for the graduation rehearsal and remember running down the hallway ahead of my mom to get to the fifth grade classroom before everyone lined up to go to the gym. Breathlessly, I turned the corner and bolted into the room overflowing with my peers and their parents.

The second I stepped into the doorway, all eyes turned on me just in time to watch me slip on the slick linoleum floor, step on my own skirt, pull said skirt down past my 11 year-old butt, and fall flat to the ground. 
I think I played it off with a well-timed Urkel "Did I do that?, but I distinctly remember the feeling of wanting to die.  
There's Courtney, the girl that draws horses and shows people her undies. 

Yes, sir. I left a lasting impression on that school.

Ugh, I wish I could bleach that memory out of my brain. Luckily I moved away the year after that and never had to see anyone ever again.
When I told Clayton about today's writing topic, he offered to share one of HIS most embarrassing moments to make me feel better. Bless his heart! I thanked him for the kind gesture, but insisted that I would never throw him under the bus like that on my blog.
When Clayton was 6, he fell fell into the fountain at the mall.