(BEDIM) Day 12: What I Miss

Okay, it’s official: I’m terrible at blogging on Sundays. This is the second Sunday in a row that I missed the blogging challenge. This time I missed it because it was Mother’s Day and I obviously spent the entire day with my mama and by the time I got back home, my cold/allergies/plague had caught up with me and sleeping was the only thing that sounded like fun.

Did you celebrate your mom this weekend? This year, my sister and I gave our mom the gift of manual labor and spent a few hours helping her dig a garden in her backyard. My mom's been living in her current house for about three years now (I think) and has been wanting to put in a vegetable garden since the day she moved in, but it’s taken quite a while to get her yard in working order. 

I used to do yard work and gardening with my mom on a weekly basis when I still lived at home, but now that I’m old, decrepit and spoiled by not having my own yard, it takes some getting used to again. It only took about 20 minutes of digging and slinging dirt for my back to cramp up.

Upper body strength? I have none. 

Since I notoriously bring my mom some kind of dessert for every birthday and holiday, I took a stab at making cheesecake for the very first time. While it was by no means perfect (I didn’t have a spring form pan and found a basic pie plate recipe online), it still tasted pretty good! Scratch that, it tasted REALLY good. You could serve cheesecake up over an oily car engine and it would still be delicious.

I also spent some time with my mother-in-law this weekend since she's my mama, too! On Saturday evening we all gathered for a fried chicken dinner and Teresa made a fabulous banana/pineapple pudding pie thingy. I'm not entirely sure what dessert classification it was, but the bottom was graham crackers, the top was Cool Whip and it was all seriously YUM.

Joey and his cousin, Gerry, tumbled around in the backyard while we ate dinner, and my brother-in-law spotted Joey limping across the deck several minutes later. I guess our little guy was playing too hard and lightly sprained or strained his leg. I was obviously dramatically worried because no one wants to their fur baby hobbling around like a war vet, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

You can't keep a good dog down.

We set Joey up on his blanket and pillow when we got back home and had to practically hold him down so he wouldn’t get up and try to run around. After a full evening of resting, whatever injury he had worked itself out because he was back to 100% the following morning (much to our relief).

Despite having a gross cough and a little congestion, I got through my weekend runs without much incident. My 6-miler on Saturday was decent, but my body was still clearly under the weather and it didn’t feel as good as I would have liked it to. During the last mile, I noticed a red cell phone lying in a pile of dirt next to the trail and I stopped to pick it up and see if it belonged to any of the walkers nearby (which is a big deal because I don’t pause my Garmin for nobody). No one claimed the phone, so I carried it with me and text the most recent contact when I got home. 

I told whomever that person was that I was a runner who found the phone on the trail and asked if they had any idea how I might contact its owner.

Their response? 

“Grab a bottle of whiskey and meet me back at the house.”

Um … what?

That conversation obviously led nowhere and I have no idea if that person thought I was kidding or what, but I got so frustrated by their jokester attitude that I just turned the phone off completely and decided to run a found ad in the local paper. 

Next time I find a cell phone on the ground, I’m not picking it up.

Alrighty, on to Sunday’s blogging challenge!

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss?
(It can be a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

My best friends and I at Cedar Point the summer before our senior year.

Clayton and I recently had a conversation about what we regretted or wish we could change about high school. The only answer I could come up with was that I wished I hadn’t have wasted so much time being hung up on a stupid boy who obviously didn’t reciprocate my feelings, and that I regret not playing softball and volleyball my senior year. 

Other than those two things, I don’t really regret anything about high school. I’m one of those rare birds who actually really loved it. I had an awesome set of friends, an amazing boyfriend who lived in another city, and a lot of really fun activities that kept us out of trouble. With the exception of the inevitable awkwardness that comes with being a freshman, I had a really positive high school experience. 

I was on the honor roll all four years, played softball and volleyball through my junior year, worked part-time, wrote for the school newspaper, designed pages of the student yearbook, helped organize and run the Freshman Orientation program, participated (and won!) a talent show with my girlfriends, went to concerts, was on the morning TV announcements, and had countless sleepovers. I mean, come on! Isn’t that what high school is supposed to be all about?

Senior prom ... mardi gras theme!

As fun as college was and as much as I love being an adult now, sometimes I feel a nostalgic yearning for my high school years. Despite feeling like my curfew was never late enough, there was a carefree freedom that came with being a teenager. I was old enough to drive, but not quite old enough to feel crushed by responsibility and priorities. I had my homework and my part-time job and my chores at home, but I didn’t have bills or the maturity to worry so much about my future. 

I miss that lightheartedness. My focus was my friends. My main job was to be a kid, but I had the means to drive myself to McDonald’s for a milkshake. My biggest problem was what color my prom dress would be that year. 

And some days, when I'm feeling really tired of being 27 and totally on my own financially, I miss that feeling. 

What was high school like for you?


  1. You are too sweet to do gardening/yard work with your mama! The cheesecake looks great too. I was kind of a nerd in high school but I really enjoyed my college years more up on the east coast and met a lot of lifelong friends there.

    1. That's fantastic! I wish I had a better college experience. It wasn't BAD by any means, but the first two years were rough in terms of adjusting to life without the girls I had been so close to all those years prior. But by my junior year I had an awesome group of friends and they're still my besties today! :)


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