Weekend recap

Good afternoon and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good though I am a bit under the weather today. I think the sleeping pill I took last night all kinds of messed me up because this morning I almost passed out in the shower! As the corners of my vision started to go fuzzy and black, I rushed to rinse my hair so I could hop out of the shower and lay down on the bathroom tile until the feeling passed.

Wearing nothing but my birthday suit, dripping wet and lying on the bathroom floor in the fetal position ... a dignified lady, always.

The oh-my-gosh-I-might-vomit-or-faint feeling eventually dissipated, but I've been plagued with a lingering dizziness and the desire to take a nap all day. And of course, tonight is the first 8 and under softball game of the season so the timing couldn't be worse.

But anyway, Clay and I had a nice weekend. We kicked things off on Friday night with dinner out at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food in general, but sometimes beans and rice just sounds SO GOOD. I ordered a giant, steaming skillet of veggie fajitas and ate my weight in free chips and salsa.

We re-watched the movie Ted and had a rather uneventful night, but that was totally fine by me because I had to run a 7k the next day and didn't want to do anything too strenuous or crazy.

The Magnificent 7k is part of the Mag 7 Road Race series, and I try to make it a point to run this race every year since the entire registration fee goes to the organization as part of their yearly fundraiser. I love the Mag 7 group and have so much fun running their races; I want to be sure to support them as often as I can!

The 7k started at 1 pm which was a nice change of pace since most races tend to start at the butt crack of dawn and I didn't have to sacrifice sleeping in. The course shares a few common streets with the Hoosier Half Marathon route, so I don't know why I was surprised by how hilly the race was. I mean, it was tough! (The last time I ran this race, it was a completely different, much flatter location.)

My thighs were already really sore from softball last Thursday because my body tends to freak out at the beginning of each season. Sprinting around bases requires a completely different set of muscles than regular ol' running, and I'd be lying if I said my legs don't always ache for a few days after the first game.

It took me more than half of the race (a 7k is 4.35 miles) to work out the kinks in my legs and it's probably one of the first races where I have honest-to-goodness been in pain. After the first few hills I couldn't help but think, "Who's dumb idea was this!?"

Mine. It was my idea.

But I kicked that race IN THE FACE and finished in 33:42 (7:45 min. per mile pace), placing 4th in my age group and as the 13th female overall. I could not have been happier with my time. I definitely fell back into my old habit of starting off too quickly (my first mile was something outrageous like 7:22), but I calmed myself down and found a good groove for the rest of the race.

That night, Clayton and I cruised over to Dan and Emily's for mixed drinks, board games and Mario Kart. Hanging out with those two is always a good time ... even though I tend to use up my allotted amount of curse words for the week while trying to drive that dang virtual go-kart. 

Sunday somehow ended up being "chore day" and since the 8 and Under softball practice was cancelled due to sloppy field conditions, we got a lot done around the house (Day of Rest, my fanny). Clay helped me hang some long-forgotten wall art, I scrubbed my bathroom, Clay did the laundry, and I tackled the mountain of dishes that accumulated in the kitchen.

I went to the library earlier this week to pick up several books I had on reserve, and I had one heck of a time trying decide which one to read first. I decided on The Great Gatsby since the movie will be coming out this month and I wanted to brush up on my F. Scott Fitzgerald. Knowing that Leonardo DiCaprio is playing Mr. Gatsby in the film makes reading this book far more enjoyable the second time around since I can picture his face while I read.


I also made some no-baked chocolate peanut butter bars that turned into a happy accident more than anything else. I found a really vague recipe on Facebook and I guess it was a little too vague. Since it didn't give detailed cooking instructions, I mistakenly melted the butter and peanut butter together (you were only supposed to melt the butter) and since the bulk of the dessert was melted, it never hardened properly to top with chocolate. So I more of less swirled everything together in a mixing bowl, smashed it down into a baking pan, sprinkled with powdered sugar and gram cracker crumbs, and then let it sit in the freezer until it solidified.

Looked disgusting, tasted awesome. They seriously tasted like Reese's cups!

Maria and I will be coaching our first 8 and Under softball game together tonight. Wish me luck and pray for patience!

And that I don't totally pass out during the game.


  1. Nice job on the 7k! I like how you 'kicked it in the face' LOL I wish they would do odd number races like that where I live.

    1. I never even knew such a thing as odd numbered races existed until this one! Definitely something fun and different!

  2. Awesome time, I'd be stoked with that too! Totally dying to see The Gats, movies always take a bit longer to get to NZ but hopefully this one won't be too far away.

    1. Thank you! :) I heard the director is the same guy who did Moulin Rouge, so you KNOW it's The Great Gatsby is going to be colorful and vibrant and FUN!

  3. Nice job on the race!! I give you credit for reading Gatsby again - I read in high school...hated it...then re-read it about two years ago thinking I didn't like it because it was required reading for English, but realized that no, I still hate it. I do know one, thing, though - I'll be seeing that movie, because HELLO, LEO!!!


    Where was I???

    Good luck coaching the 8 & unders!! Happy Monday!

    1. I read it my sophomore year of high school as well and just like you, I barely got through it because I hated the whole "You HAVE to read this for class" thing. So I got really excited when I picked it up from the library on Friday thinking, "I'm going to appreciate this WAY more the second time around."


      I'm almost done with it and it's so painfully boring and wordy I'm like, "HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY MAKE THIS INTO AN ENTERTAINING MOVIE!?"

      And then I remember sweet Leonardo DiCaprio in a 1920s white tux and all is right in the world.

    2. Good God. SO painfully boring, it actually makes me reconsider the other 2 F. Scott Fitzgerald books I have on my nook in the queue to read. I got them for free, at least, so I won't feel as bad if I hate them equally as much as I hated Gatsby.

      Sweet, sweet 1920's white tux on that sweet, sweet Leo. Yum.

  4. Good job on the race! Your symptoms yesterday sound like mine when I'm getting a migraine. I really hope that isn't how the rest of your day went and that your first game as coach went well!

    1. Thank you!

      Ya know, I did have a headache on and off yesterday, but THANKFULLY nothing major came of it. Once I took a walk to get some exercise after work and then went out to the ball fields, I was perfectly fine. It was a great evening!


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