Weekend recap

Good morning, Monday. How are you, my friend?

Just kidding, Monday. We're not friends. If we went to the same high school, we most definitely would not hang out.

But it appears that we finally made the leap to the good part of the year when the sun is almost completely up when my alarm goes off in the morning. I love that! It makes it so much easier to scrape myself off of the bed and get my day started!

How was everyone's weekend? Our was pretty good! It was a tad bit chillier than it was last weekend, but the sun was shining and we got lots of outside time once again!

A few highlights:

Clayton and I re-watched This is 40 because Judd Apatow is our cinematic hero (Anchorman 2 comes out this December!!!!), and we also watched Django Unchained which, if you can get past the flagrant use of the N-word and the signature Tarantino violence, is a pretty good film!

Leonardo DiCaprio playing any character other than Jack Dawson tends to bum me out because it serves as a continuous reminder that he's never going to embrace me on the bow of a doomed ocean liner, but that man is a talent. How he's snubbed every Oscar season, I have no idea.

For a movie about slavery, Django Unchained was tinged with a surprising amount of a humor. A scene that is obviously satirical of the Klu Klux Klan and showcases the absurdity of wearing the white sheets was so unbelievably funny, we rewound it 3 times. I'd post a link to the scene because it's totally available on YouTube, but the language is foul and I don't want to offend anyone (But if you are so inclined, search YouTube for "Django Unchained: KKK and Horse Raid scene").

I baked a big ol' batch of chocolate chip cookies on Saturday night while Clayton was out and I'm sad to report, they're already almost gone. Chocolate chips don't last long in these parts.

That cookie looks like Pac Man! (I got hungry while I was taking the picture.)

And while I don't like my husband being away from me for too long, I definitely appreciated the time alone because it meant lots of raw cookie dough for me and I could watch Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen without any objections.(2004 Lindsay Lohan, I miss you.)

We also took Joe-bizzles to the dog park which is probably going to be a rare occasion from here on out. Our beagle boy is a champ when it comes to socializing with other dogs (minus the incessant barking), but he was incredibly wary of the group of dogs at the dog park this weekend ... and with good reason.

In the 15 minutes we were there, a small white schnauzer was almost trampled to death by no fewer than 8 very large dogs (I only wish I was exaggerating). The little schnauzer was howling bloody murder and trying desperately to get away, but the group of dogs kept attacking her. I watched in paralyzed horror as the owner of the little white dog shouted over the noise, "She's fine! She's fine! She'd run away if she was bothered!"

I couldn't help but have a moment of, "Um, are you stupid? Your dog is in AGONY and she CAN'T run away!"

The whole episode started and ended within 10 seconds, but it was so scary, I burst into tears. That little dog was TERRIFIED and it took forever to pull the large mass of snarling, snapping dogs off of her.

Then, not even 5 minutes later, two very large mutts got into a vicious fight that only ended because one of the owners tackled his dog to the ground. The fight was so bad, both dogs were dripping blood and there was blood all over the ground.

All of the large dogs were escorted out of the park and Joey continued to eat dandilions.

Yup, that's what my dog did during all of the drama: ate grass.

Bless his heart.

Can you spot our boy?

In addition to softball practice, I got in my fair share of exercise with a 7-mile run on Saturday, a small 3-mile run on Sunday, and several long walks with Joey. According to my Garmin, between my runs and walks, I traveled over 14 miles on foot ... which probably explains why my legs are sore this morning. :)

Our weekend wrapped up with Subway for dinner and The Hunger Games on Netflix. I haven't seen it since I originally watched it in the theaters, so it was nice to have a refresher. Plus, it reminded me that I need to re-read the rest of the books before the second movie comes out!

When The Capitol makes the announcement that there's been a rule change and there can be two victors in the Hunger Games if both people are from the same district, I turned to my beloved and said, "Do you think you and I would do well together in the Hunger Games?"

Clayton: "Not a chance."

Me: "Yeah, you're right. I don't think I'd ever be able to kill anyone."

Clayton: "Though you'd probably nag me to death."


Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Dog parks are scary places! We refuse to take Remington there... he was attacked when he was a pup! Luckily he is not fearful of dogs! GRRRR!

    1. Back when I was in college, our town's dog park was located in a different area and my friends and I took our dogs there ALL THE TIME without any worry. This is the first time I was legitimately nervous for the safety of Joey and though I realize it was probably just a bad group of dogs on a bad day, it's not worth the risk. Joey gets plenty of socializing with our close friends' and family's pets, so it's not like he's missing out on anything if we choose not to take him there anymore.


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