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Update: I wrote this post a few hours before news broke that there was an explosion at the finish line of Boston Marathon, killing 2 people and injuring several. I don't even know what to say in response. As I tweeted earlier, taking something good and pure and then marring it with evil is the new American way. My thoughts and prayers are with every single person out there at the race today and the surely hundreds (or thousands) of loved ones that are directly affected.


Hello there, Monday. I didn't expect to see you so soon!

And Happy Marathon Monday!

While working on a few projects this morning, I intermittently tuned in to the live feed of the Boston Marathon to keep tabs on what is going on. I have so much admiration for those athletes; they're seriously the best of the best. Plus, I have mad respect for any woman who can run 26.2 miles in shorts that look like bikini bottoms. But their thighs obviously don't rub together when they run, so chaffing probably isn't an issue for them.

But me? I'd be bleeding by the second mile.

And their abs? Forget about it!

Congrats to Rita Jeptoo (who will never see this blog post. Ha!)! She won the women's division of the 2013 Boston Marathon (her second time winning) with an average pace of 5:35 min/mile. She not only won the marathon and bragging rights for the next year, she won $150,000!

Let's put Jeptoo's accomplishment into perspective: On my absolute best 5k day, I run about 7:35 min/mile ... and I can only hold that for about 20 minutes.

Oy, I can only dream of being that fast one day!

How was your weekend? Ours was fabulous! We're really taking advantage of these warm, sunny weekends and doing as many outdoor activities as possible before Indiana inevitably makes the instantaneous leap from pleasant spring weather to blistering hot and dry turmoil.

Friday night Clayton and I decided to partake in our favorite Friday tradition: movie rentals. After stopping at the liquor store to pick up a case of beer (and a bottle of Shiraz to put in our wine rack because an empty wine rack equals an empty heart), we went to the movie rental place to pick up a few new releases. Well, the movie store had absolutely nothing good to choose from and there were several babies having meltdowns in the aisles, so we just gave up and went home.

Last summer Clayton got me HOOKED on Tripel ales.

We ended up drinking a few beers, catching up on the newest episodes of Happy Endings and going to bed early. It's a rare occurrence when Clayton goes to bed before me, but he definitely made his way upstairs before midnight!

On Saturday morning, I piddled aorund with some housework and errands before I took off on my 6-mile run. I stuck to Clear Creek Trail and can't even put into words how happy I am to be in between big races. Running only 6 miles on a flat surface felt like a vacation, and I truly feel 100% recovered from the Hoosier Half. Despite running into the wind for the entire duration of my run, I kept my pace right at 8:19 minutes per mile.

I just re-read my earlier sentence about Rita Jeptoo's marathon time and feel like a total loser for thinking my 8:19 pace was impressive. Oops. 

Anyway, Saturday night we went over to Luke and Maria's house to bake pizzas and play games. They invited another couple to join us and as it turned out, much to my delight, they are both major foodies. We chatted about gardens and favorite dishes, and I learned a lot about the proper way to use olive oil in my cooking. In fact, they brought over a bottle of blood orange olive oil that was brushed onto one of the pizza crusts and oh my gosh! You wouldn't believe how good it was!

Clay and I obviously wanted to contribute to the meal, so I made one of our family's favorite desserts, Dirt Pudding. I tried Dirt Pudding for the very first time when I was a junior in high school and had just started dating Clayton. His mom had a giant dish of it one evening for dessert and I'm telling you, it's one of the greatest things I've ever put in my mouth. I will forever equate Dirt Pudding with my mother-in-law. She kindly gave me the recipe a few years ago, but I love it so much, I have it totally memorized. I mean, what's not to love about pudding, cream cheese and Cool Whip?!

Sunday morning, Clayton and I took our little furball on a long, relaxing walk on the wooded trail behind our house since it was almost 75 degrees and gorgeous outside. And Sunday must have been National Turtle Sunbathing Day or something because we spotted no fewer than, get this, 15 turtles sunning themselves on a half-sunken tree.

It was adorable! But of course, our beagle can't be quiet to save his life, so Joey quickly scared each and every turtle off of the tree trunk and back into the safety of the water. Clayton describe their simultaneous jumping as "turtle suicide".

Later that afternoon, we joined Maria at the ball fields for our second softball practice with the girls. While it was a successful practice as a whole, I was a little disheartened to hear some of the girls talking less than favorably about a few of the smaller, weaker players. Maria and I devised a plan to put a lock-down on that kind of behavior because we simply will not tolerate the Mean Girl mentality.

After softball practice and right before the sun began to set, I went back to the trail and did a quick 3.5-mile run while Clayton took an online test for his Anatomy class. I love trail running, but it's exhausting. My pace is always a solid 30 seconds per mile slower on a dirt trail than on a road or paved path. There are a lot of small rolling hills and plenty of roots and branches to dodge, and I was also wildly distracted by trying to see if the turtles ever came back out of the water.

I also finally got around to a quick DIY project that I had been talking about finishing for weeks. Clayton made this really cute little book shelf in his seventh grade shop class and for whatever reason, he never threw it away. I asked him I could refinish and paint it, and he had absolutely no qualms about it (other than its overall sturdiness!).

So I painted the shelf black and then sanded the edges to make it look somewhat worn and vintage-y, and my hubby willingly hung it over our microwave stand. We did have to replace its mounts because they were slightly loose, but I really can't fault him for that considering he made the shelf when he was a KID. I now have the perfect place to store my ever-expanding collection of cookbooks and I'm just tickled to death to have something a relic from some of Clayton's B.C. days (Before Courtney).

We wrapped up our weekend with a dinner of stir fry and the free Redbox rental of Hitchcock, the story of how Alfred Hitchcock made the movie Psycho. It was actually really, REALLY interesting (and FUNNY) and had several big names playing the lead characters. I was impressed!

So how was your weekend? Did you take advantage of the lovely weather?


  1. I love how turtles line up on the driftwood. They're such organized little creatures.
    I vote that we go to The Olive Leaf one night that we have nothing going on (impossible) and want to take shots of flavored olive oil, haha.


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