Shark Attack!

Holy thunderstorms, Batman! Check out the beast of a storm system that will be rolling through my state today! Looks like it's going to be a long night of hunkering down in the living room and praying the tornado sirens don't go off!

So, yesterday was Wednesday and as all avid Notably Neurotic readers know, Wednesday is Pizza Day in the P household. 

As I mentioned in my last weekend recap, we spent last Saturday night baking pizzas at Luke and Maria's house and that's where Clayton and I discovered the greatest thing to happen to our pizza-making since Mixie:

You can buy freshly made pizza dough from local pizzerias. 

Maybe those of you who are more well-versed in pizza than I am already knew about this, but finding out we could buy ready-to-bake dough from one of our favorite pizza chains blew our minds.

Purchasing ready-to-bake dough is the perfect solution to Wednesdays when I don't have the time/desire/energy to make my own crust, but still want that unbeatable homemade taste. For $2.75 you can pick up a soft ball of dough big enough to make one large pizza and all you have to do is roll it onto a baking pan, brush with olive oil, add your favorite toppings and then pop it into the oven for 22 minutes at 375°F. 

I'm also incredibly proud to say that Clayton has officially been converted to a ham and pineapple pizza lover. In the past, he as quickly turned his nose up at my favorite pizza toppings, stating that the idea of putting fruit on a pizza was disgusting (despite the fact that pineapple is his favorite fruit). So I've suffered in silence for the past 10 years, quietly mourning that I had no one to share my favorite pizza with and settling for the toppings that everyone else always wanted.

I am SUCH a saint.

Anyway, Luke and Maria popped a ham and pineapple pizza into their oven on Saturday and not only did Clayton actually give it a try, he LOVED it. At first I was put off that he never accepted this combination of toppings whenever I offered it, but hey, whatever works. It doesn't matter how he got there, just so long as he arrived.

Last night we made our very first ham and pineapple pizza as husband and wife. You wouldn't think that making a specific pizza could be a milestone in a marriage, but it surely was. It's seriously the first time I have EVER made a ham and pineapple pizza because it's the first time anyone was ever willing to eat one with me!

Clay expertly rolled the Pizza X dough onto our baking stone and together we decorated our pizza pie with tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, precooked slices of ham and an insane amount of mozzarella cheese.

I burned the dickens out of my arm while pulling the pizza out of the oven (I was in a hurry to get the pizza from the oven to my mouth), but I have a pretty sweet Band Aid to cover my wound:

The image quality is poor, but it totally says "Shark Bite".

My boss saw it and thinks I'm kind of a bada$$.

You know, because there are so many sharks in Southern Indiana.

So tell me, what is your absolute favorite kind of pizza? And please don't say sardines because that's just sick.


  1. Ha! I totally burned my right forearm taking the pizzas out of the oven last Saturday. I burn myself with the oven a lot actually.
    We've decided that next time, we will be making dishes from the Martha Stewart cookbook. Dinner party!

  2. My favorite is plain pepperoni and cheese dipped in buffalo sauce!

  3. Pizza nite! So fun. I love Margherita pizza the best but I can't make it quite like they do at my favorite place. I like making mine at home with spinach and goat cheese.


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