Like the pioneers do

So, yesterday was definitely an all-time low for me.

You know how I know it was an all-time low? Because last night at 8 p.m. I was standing naked in the middle of my kitchen taking a bath with a bar of soap and the pot I use for cooking spaghetti.

People who haven't hit rock bottom tend not to bathe in their kitchens with cooking utensils.

But there I was.

Yesterday afternoon I came home at the lunch hour to prepare some food and take Joe-Bizzles out for a quick walk. Clayton happened to be home around the same time (a rare occurrence) and we eventually found our way upstairs to brush and floss after eating lunch.

While we were talking, Joey began to bellow from the downstairs living room. It wasn't his typical, "OH MY GOSH! HI! HI! HI! DO YOU WANT TO CHASE ME? COME CHASE ME!" bark that he usually displays for company and other dogs. This was his "YOU BETTER GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND CHECK ON ME RIGHT NOW" type of bark.

My initial reaction was to just ignore him because chances are, he was just confused about Clay and I being at home at the same time on a work day, but I had just turned on our crock pot and it's such a cruddy piece of junk, I wouldn't have been surprised if the food was burning and making a mess.

I ran downstairs and saw that Joey wasn't in the kitchen, but standing in the hallway. After a quick assessment of the crock pot (it was fine), I joined Joey in the hall and heard a loud hissing sound coming from our furnace room. When I opened the door to investigate, I saw that our water heater exploded from the bottom and rusty water was pouring out across the floor.

My little messenger. Major kudos to Joey for alerting us!

After a few seconds of hand flapping and silent screaming, I found my voice and shouted upstairs to Clayton, "Oh noooooo! Oh nooooo!"

My hubby rushed to my side and we watched in horror as the hallway began to fill with water.

Clayton fished his phone out of his pocket to call our apartment complex's manager and I got really irritated with him for politely asking her, "Hi, could you please send a maintenance worker over here when you get the chance? We seem to have a water heater issue."

"Flood. 'We seem to have a FLOOD' is what you meant to say," I snapped at him after he hung up the phone, totally annoyed by his total lack of urgency. (Guess which one of us is better is in emergency situations?)

It took the maintenance crew less than 2 minutes to arrive at our apartment and since we had to rush back to our respective jobs, we left them to work. 

When we got back to the apartment a few hours later, industrial-sized fans were propped up in the living room and all of our furniture was scattered in an attempt to dry and salvage the carpeting. I was not a huge fan of my new rust-colored carpet.

The old water heater was beyond repair and had been removed from the furnace room. We'd be getting a brand new, shiny water heater to replace it ...

... tomorrow.

We were without hot water to cook, clean or bath for almost 24 hours and that's exactly how I found myself standing naked as a jaybird in the kitchen and giving myself a sponge bath.

"We're just like the pioneers!" I said sarcasticly as I dried myself off.

"Remind me to buy a new set of pots and pans." Clayton said, eyeballing our now-corrupt spaghetti pot in disgust.

But I suppose the good news is that although not having hot water was an inconvience and did some minor damage, we got a brand new water heater out the deal. And since we rent, it didn't cost us a dime.

The carpet seems to be drying clear and after a good steam-cleaning (if the carpet pads aren't destroyed and the whole thing doesn't need to be replaced), there will be zero evidence of our mini flood.

But as for the spaghetti pot? Some things just cannot be undone or unseen. 


  1. Joey is awesome for catching that! I can't even imagine...I am bracing myself for when I become a homeowner :-)

  2. I'm pretty sure we have two showers you could have borrowed....

  3. i know it's not funny, and i definitely would not be laughing had it been me, but i'm dying laughing. having to bath in a spaghetti pot... i think i might have just gone without a bath that day. kudos to you. also, good job Joey!!!

  4. It's too bad you guys don't know ANYONE else who lives in the same town that would have let you borrow their bathroom. However, it makes for a very funny story. And, you did remember to close the shades/curtains/blinds in the kitchen area right? No free shows I hope!

    1. Ha! No, all windows, doors and blinds were SHUT! Nobody wants to see that!

      Yeah, we easily could have borrowed a shower, but it was later in the evening, I had just worked out and meh, the spaghetti pot was right there. ha ha

  5. Haha! Oh goodness, this story is brilliant. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't fun at the time, but it's definitely one of those you can tell for such a long time. Love it!


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