I'm useless today

A general observation of the above pictures? I look less and less happy with each race. Ha!

It's the day before a half marathon. You know how I know? Because the second I opened my eyes this morning, a wave of excited butterflies swarmed through my stomach and fluttered up into my chest. My intestines have already begun twisting in anxious anticipation (Fact: My emotions are stored in my bowels. Gross, but true. Wanna be friends?) and sitting still at work has been one of my life's biggest challenges to date.

I don't even know what to talk about today. My mind is in billions of other places. I'm afraid if I keep talking, this blog post is going to become one big long stream of consciousness. 

My coffee has gone cold, but I keep sipping on it. Every time I take a gulp I think, "This tastes disgusting" and then I proceed to drink more.

I wish I got up early enough in the morning to swing by Starbucks on my way to the office. Gas station coffee tastes like dirt, but I keep buying it from the same place because I've developed a repertoire with the cashier and I like feeling like I know someone.

I've been wearing Clayton's deodorant for the past 3 days because I ran out of mine and I honest-to-goodness have not had time to go to the store. My armpits smell like my husband and I'm not sure if that's really comforting or off-putting.

I have a LOT of Kanye West and Jay-Z on this half marathon playlist because when people think of me, the first word that comes to mind is usually "gangster".

I wrote 2 chapters of a book last night and the fact that I'm getting paid for it made me feel giddy in a way that only cake and puppies typically can.

I chased Joey up and down the stairs while I brushed my teeth this morning. In retrospect, that probably wasn't very safe.

Tomorrow's forecast say it's going to be a high of 68°F and I have no idea how to dress for the race. It's going to be uncomfortably warm by the end and terribly chilly at the beginning. I don't like wearing throw-away clothes because last fall I got hit in the face with pants right before the Monumental Half started and now have a personal vendetta against tear-away pants.

I'm really excited to be running a half marathon in my own city because one of the worst parts of the half marathon experience is finding a parking spot. When we drive to Indianapolis, I have to cover my eyes or look at my feet because watching Clayton try to find a vacant parking lot downtown is one of the most stress-inducing situations I've ever been in. I usually end up yelling and jumping out the car because I have no patience.

I wore the wrong underwear for these pants today.

Sometimes I can't tell if I look cute in my scarves or if I look like a giant piece of multicolored fabric is slowly choking me out. 

My co-worker just asked me if I was nervous. I said no because I wasn't nervous BEFORE he asked me about it.

Clayton is purposely ignoring my text messages about the beagle puppies I saw in today's paper.

I have to finish just one more work project before I can leave and pick up my race packet. Then I'm locking myself in my room and forcing myself to sleep so I can shut my brain off until tomorrow.

I apologize how completely worthless this blog post is. It's basically blogging white noise. I seriously can't concentrate on anything except tomorrow. 

So I'm going to spare you all by just signing off. I'll report back to you on Monday with all the details of the race when I have my head on straight again. I want to wish good luck to all of my friends who are running in the half marathon with me and those who are doing the 5k. This is Maria's very first race, so wish her OODLES of luck!


  1. haha 'gangster' music on the playlist always helps! You will do fantastic!! Can't wait to read the recap. Good luck!!


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