If the shoe fits, chew it

Clayton and I clearly failed as doggie parents because we somehow managed to raise one self-entitled, spoiled beagle.

I ordered a new pair of work shoes (in my world work shoes = boring shoes; a purchase I'm never excited about making) and they arrived at our door yesterday. I set the package down in the living room while I chatted with Clayton about his day and when I looked for Joey a few moments later, I saw that he had torn open the package and shoved his wee little beagle snout into its contents.

"And what, pray tell, makes you think that this package is for you, little sir?" I scolded. Joey didn't even look up. He pulled his face out of the hole he'd torn into the plastic envelope and proceeded to gnaw at it with his teeth, scattering various scraps of plastic across the carpet.

And of course, I continued to let him do it. It was too cute not to.

In a matter of minutes, Joey had not only finished ripping a Joey-sized hole in the bag, but he somehow managed to open the shoe box and chew on a sheet of tissue paper. 

But I drew the line at him actually putting one of my new shoes in his mouth. That's when he got a small swat on the bottom and was sent to the other room. Boring work shoes or not, you NEVER chew on mommy's shoes.

What do you think of the new shoes? The thought of buying flats made my heart a wee bit sad, but these have a slightly wedged heel to create a small amount of the height I crave. My dress pants are mostly the weird in-between length of being too long for ballet flats but too short for pumps. I figured they're versatile enough to wear with every color of pants I own and I kind of love the silver-dipped toes. 

I'm trying to make my work wardrobe simple, but elegant. Some attempts are more successful than others. I think these shoes will be perfect for the spring and summer months!

Need some style inspiration? I highly encourage you to pay a visit to another fabulous Courtney over at Splendid Actually. An interior designer by trade and a fashionista by nature, Courtney always has the cutest outfit ideas as well as creative, fun finds for your home or office. She even has her own esty shop! This woman was truly blessed with good taste!

What the best article of clothing or accessory you've purchased lately?


  1. OMG I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!! Where are the from??? I am so in love with Joey! He's a smart boy! My favorite article of clothing I've purchase recently is my AE Slim Boot jeans I bought Sunday. Oh and I just ordered a shirt from them today so that will be my new "best" when it arrives!


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