Hide your kids, hide your wife

Hi guys and gals! Sorry for my total lack of postage yesterday (I know postage means like, mail and stamps, but here I mean it as 90s surfer-speak for "blog post". Know what I mean, brah?). I know that no one likes to hear people complain about how busy they are and I'm totally not complaining, but I have been pretty busy.

It has been nothing short of chaotic at work because this week we've been celebrating the10th anniversary of our civic engagement initiative. One of my favorite things about working for this college is how extremely dedicated both the students and staff are to community outreach and giving back. Each year we celebrate our involvement in the community with an awards ceremony, fundraising dinner, a day-long volunteer outing and a discussion panel on both national and international issues.

And just look at this gorgeous flower arrangement I get to take home! There were at least 50 of these arrangements displayed all over our building today and the fragrant aroma is straight-up intoxicating. This is going to look a-mah-zing on our kitchen table!

Wednesday evening I made my coaching debut and held our very first practice for the 8 and Under Girls Softball League. Maria, my co-coach, is in California on a business trip this week, so I had to run the show solo. And when I say "solo", I mean that I made Clayton and Maria's husband, Luke, come with me.

I almost had a mini heart attack when I approached the ball fields and saw a large group of expectant parents waiting for me (traffic was horrible and my goal of being 15 minutes early turned into being 5 minutes late). I'm painfully shy most of the time and yelling out, "Hello, parents! My name is Courtney!" and drawing all eyes on me makes me want to crawl out of my skin. But after I got over my initial impulse to just drop dead right then and there, I got into my groove and put all of my focus on the little girls whose softball skills I'll be nurturing this summer.

Clayton and Luke were beyond helpful and between the 3 of us, we ran a really successful practice. 8 year-old girls have a short attention span and are more fascinated with playing tag than learning softball fundamentals, but after some gentle coercing, we kept them on track and most were really eager to play.

And 8 year-old girls are FUNNY. My initial question of, "Do any of you go to school together?" turned into the 2nd grade version of Who's Who with 11 different voices talking at the same time for a solid 5 minutes.

Admittedly, I was really nervous that I was going to be terrible at giving instruction and would more or less be like, "Just watch me and do what I do", but spotting and correcting improper form came easier than I thought. I never thought I'd be a good a teacher because I'd much rather pop in a movie, but I really do think I have the potential to help them improve their skills and grow as softball players. And I don't know why that surprised me so much; I mean I HAVE been playing softball since I was 6.

I just don't have a very authoritative speaking voice (unless it comes down to the last piece of cake), so being in charge is going to take a lot of getting used to for me. I'm so happy Maria and I are doing this together.

Perhaps confidence-building will the focus of our next practice ... for both the girls and me.

And I should also mention that our team is called "Thunder" and we are pink. :)

I would love to share this experience with you more in-depth by taking and posting pictures from our practices and games, but 1.) I'm hopefully going to be too busy um, COACHING to take pictures of what's happening and 2.) I don't want to share pictures of children that aren't mine without parental permission. You can't trust anyone these days and I'm not comfortable with posting pictures of young girls for the perusal of internet perverts.

So here's a picture of me at the softball fields last summer instead:

Enjoy THAT, internet perverts.