I didn't make it outside for my run last night because I met a friend for drinks after work and well, one thing led to another and I wasn't in any kind of condition to run in a straight line down the street.


This is my friend, Brittany. We have a shared love of pretty scarves, make-up and headbands.

After reminiscing and catching up with one of my favorite people on the planet (and one of the best co-workers I've ever had), I soaked up my whiskey and Diet Coke with dinner and was eventually in the right mind to do some cross-training.

So it looks like TONIGHT will be my final run before the half marathon.

Remember Tuesday's blog post about how my mind wanders to unpleasant things when left to my own devices anywhere at work? Well, the come-to-Jesus talk I had with myself that day was a huge catalyst for some serious action (finally).

There was a copy of the local newspaper on my desk yesterday and when I had a few moments of downtime, I pursued through the "free pets" section because, hello, it's me. The page adjacent to the classifieds listed the day's horoscopes and even though I don't believe in astrology or let what it says dictate how I live my life, I occasionally read mine for fun because 9 out 10 times it assures me that I'm going to meet the love of my life very soon and as a married woman, I find that hilarious.

Well, yesterday's horoscope could not have been better considering how downtrodden I've been feeling about my writing career. Yesterday's libra horoscope read:

"The opportunity for doing what you set out to is very strong, provided you maintain your motivation."

Hokey or not, I think God was trying to tell me something because the message and timing were crazy! I don't think that horoscope was placed in the paper to be seen by me because Pluto aligned properly with your mom this week or because I was born in October. I think it was just a heavenly nudge pushing me in the right direction, encouraging me not to give up.

That same afternoon, I spent a large chunk of time creating a profile on a freelance website and submitted proposals for several writing gigs. In less than 4 hours, I got 2 job offers.

"...provided you maintain your motivation."

Motivation is definitely something I certainly do not lack.

So now I have a 4-month newsletter deal with a NYC-based company and get this—I'm ghostwriting a few chapters for a small eBook about dating.

I'll let the irony of that statement wash over you for a moment.

Me, the girl who's been taken since she was 16 years-old, is going to help write a book of dating advice.

Not to mention, I keep getting ghostwriting confused with ghost-riding (which is also something I would consider letting someone pay me to do). I saw the original job posting and thought, "Why is someone looking for a freelance ghost-rider?" ... and then I realized I'm stupid and can't read.
So yes, you should definitely hire me to write for you!

Between the too-accurate-to-be-a-coincidence horoscope and the fact that I landed 2 freelance jobs that very same day, I'm definitely feeling 100% validated that professional writing is what I'm supposed to be working towards. It's just taken me an embarrassingly long amount of time to accept that making a name for myself is going to be a full-time second job and that not everyone is going to like how I write.

So I'm going to keep chuggin' along, Little Engine That Could-style, and continue to put myself out there, take whatever work I can, and not be discouraged. I've never been afraid of a challenge before, so I'm not sure why I've held myself back for so long.

What's stopping YOU from going after what you want?