Friday Favorites

My bearded beloved recieved some rough news yesterday afternoon and I wanted to cheer him up the best way I knew how:

With cake.

After my first softball game last night (for the adult league I play in, not the children's league I coach. We're playing softball 4 days a week this summer. Oy!), Clayton and I went to the grocery store so we could console our moping feelings with baked goods.

Clayton chose a giant chocolate cupcake with butter cream icing. Chocolate cake is certainly not my favorite, but I'll do anything to put a smile on that handsome face.

It was no one's birthday. We just really like cake.

So how do you handle life's disappointments? Do you drown your sorrows in sugar? Do you confide in a significant other? Do you go for a really long drive to clear your head while your wife goes for a really long run to clear hers?

We did all of that and now it's time to be positive and focus on the good. After all, according to Mary Englebert, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

Done and done!

I know I missed the boat for Things I Love Thursday, but I want to talk about some of my favorite things TODAY. 

How about some Friday Favorites?

Sun King's Wee Mac Thanks to the influence of my sister, I've become a big fan of craft beers over the years and Sun King's brews are definitely my favorite. A few weekends ago, Clayton and I dropped by the liquor store and got a free tasting of Sun King's Wee Mac, a Scottish ale. Though I typically stick with more pale ales, I can't get enough of Wee Mac because it's really smooth and not as hoppy as other darker beers (though I keep referring to it as "Wee Man beer"). This will be a summer staple in our fridge for sure!

MaskCara I recently stumbled across a fashion and beauty blog by a make-up artist named Cara and 1.) the blog's name couldn't possibly be any cuter and 2.) she has excellent tutorials on make-up application and hair styles. Her fashion sense is out of the world and every time I look at her outfit posts, I want to grab my credit card and head to the mall. I particularly love her tutorial on a 4-minunte face because that's the only kind of make-up routine a chronic late-riser like myself has time for (I also love the video because you can hear her little one babbling in the background). Check out the tutorial here.

Breezy Living Blouse in Coral from the Red Dress Boutique I don't understand why this shirt isn't in my summer wardrobe yet (I've had it saved in my online shopping cart all week!). When I think of Spring and Summer 2013, I think of bold colors and fun patterns in flowy blouses and skirts. What better way to wear those trends than with this airy chiffon blouse? I'm in lust. 

MTV's Girl Code As if I need another television obsession, MTV's Girl Code is probably one of the funniest shows on TV right now. Created as a spin-off to the successful series Guy Code, Girl Code features female celebrities and comediennes who shed light on issues surrounding women in our generation including how to avoid being "that girl" at a bar, accepting your boobs at any size, and handing a crush with dignity. Not only does Girl Code address common female concerns, it does so in a completely hilarious way that just further reiterates my belief that women are far more sordid and crass than men.  

And finally, I can't stop listening to Glee's version of Emeli Sande's "Next to Me". On last week's episode, Idina Menzel reprised her role as Rachel Berry's mother and surprised her daughter in NYC for some encouragement before the big audition and, of course, a duet. Their harmonies are flawless. I would pay an infinite amount of money to be able to sing like this for just one day.

I hope everyone has an awesome, happy weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!