Wine and Canvas (wine sold seperately)

A young whippersnapper, I am not.

I stayed out past 10 p.m. last night and I definitely paid the consequences tenfold this morning (sad, but true). While I waited for coffee to finish brewing in the downstairs break room, I seriously considered climbing in the supply cupboard and napping.

But I wasn't out gallivanting at the bars and participating in the beer-soaked debauchery of the college students fortunate enough to not have class on Friday mornings. I was simply out too late channeling my inner artist.

And imagine my disappointment when I found out I don't really have an inner artist.

Last night, my good friend and I went to a Wine and Canvas studio, a first for both of us. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, a Wine and Canvas studio features a different painting each night and provides a step-by-step demonstration on how to replicate that painting. You can grab your best gal pals, share a bottle of wine, and fumble and stumble your way to being the next Picasso.

Or Picasso's second cousin that no one ever talks about because he only managed to create finger paintings and those were primitive, at best.

Our sky and sea! Brittany's is on the left, mine is on the right.

Her colors look so much more vivid than mine. I was jealous!

I feel like a jerk for choosing a night that had such a detailed, deceivingly busy painting. When looking at the studio's online calender, I only saw pretty white sailboats set against a colorful sunrise. I didn't see the intricate layering and blending of sky and water. I didn't consider that there is a huge disconnect between my brain and hand, and that there was no way in heck I'd ever be able to make my picture look anything remotely close to the original.

But Brittany and I had a lot of fun and at least now I know I shouldn't quit my day job in order to focus on my art.

My only disappointment with the evening (other than the fact that I'm terrible at painting) was that wine is certainly not included in the cost of coming to the studio. Nowhere on their website does it indicate that wine is sold separately (and by the bottle), and I guess wrongfully assumed that the painting price was high enough that a glass should be complimentary. Begrudgingly, Brittany and I decided to share a bottle of Australian Moscato from Jacob's Creek because we wanted the entire wine and canvas experience.

The wine definitely softens the blow of having zero discernible painting ability.

See? It SHOULD be complimentary.

Our finished paintings. P.S. Isn't Brittany gorgeous?
The colors in the painting actually look amazing against the upholstery we used for our table chairs.

I got home a little after 10 p.m. and spent a hot minute stuffing my face with some left over Pizza Bake (I promise to post the recipe next week) before I changed into my workout clothes and hopped on the treadmill. Everything in me wanted to skip my workout and just go to bed, but skipping a training run isn't a luxury I can afford this late in the game. Taking a pass on my weekly mid-distance run would only spell trouble for Saturday's long run and honestly, I'm selfish and like having my Friday's completely off. So I crammed it in last night.

I thought the 5-mile run was due to be a struggle, but I actually really enjoyed myself while I listened to music and watched TV. I almost laughed myself right off the treadmill every time I replayed the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack and listened to Rebel Wilson rap Pitbull's part from "Give Me Everything". God bless my sister for giving me that soundtrack.

I fell into bed sometime around 12:30 a.m. with beads of sweat still in my pony tail. I figured sleep would come easily because I exhausted myself running, but my body was still very much like "YAY! EXERCISE ENDORPHINS!" and I laid awake for quite some time.

Waking up was almost impossible this morning, but luckily my neighbor's Jeep sounded the alarm and got my adrenaline running by practically giving me a heart attack. Joey trotted around to my side of the bed, tail wagging, and I threw my pillow at him while muttering, "You are WAY too happy in the morning."


Do you have any fun weekend plans?


  1. You deserve a trophy for working out after you got home. I ate a Reese's peanut butter ice cream egg (which are amazing) and fell asleep in my bathtub. But soo worth my masterpiece.. Haha

  2. I have done two wine and canvas paintings now. I think it is fun, but agree that the wine should be included! I have been to two different locations (the one you went to and one on the North side of Indy), and only had a glass of wine. But, they may have changed their wine policies since I was there. The second time I went was a reserved party for work, we brought our own food and set up a buffet. It was a blast!
    I LOVE your painting, by the way. It's neat how all of the paintings are the same, but so completely different in the end.


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