Weekend recap

Good afternoon, friends! Is your work/school week off to a good start? How was your weekend?

My weekend was um, confusing weather-wise. Saturday we enjoyed temperatures that loomed close to 60 degrees, but on Sunday afternoon we welcomed an ice storm that eventually turned into about 2 inches of snow. (And when I say we "welcomed" an ice storm, I mean there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I suppose a better word would be that we "tolerated" an ice storm that eventually turned into about 2 inches of snow.)

I think Indiana weather is having a massive identity crisis.

Regardless, Clayton and I still had a lovely, low-key weekend at home. Our sleep schedules are still slightly out-of-whack from our Florida trip, so we didn't go out of our way to plan any social engagements. Rather, we reveled in some quiet time by ourselves and took it easy.

Our weekend consisted of lots of cuddles on the couch and movie-watching. Friday night we watched 7 Psychopaths which was disturbing as it was interesting (who doesn't love Christopher Walken?), and on Saturday we rented the last available copy of Life of Pi. Though I generally like to read the book before I watch the movie, Life of Pi was so highly praised at this year's Academy Awards, I was practically salivating at the chance to see it.

There should be a disclaimer on this movie. And that disclaimed should be: If you like animals, even a little bit, this movie will break your heart and emotionally traumatize you.

I'm the girl who can watch a disaster film or a war movie and watch thousands of people die without batting an eye, but the second the cameras even allude to the idea that an animal might perish? Boom. Cue the water works. 

Life of Pi, though visually stunning and an amazing story of survival and the resilience of the human spirit, is a movie I will absolutely never watch again ... for the reasons mentioned above. I don't want to spoil the movie or give it away for any animal lover who hates his or herself enough to watch it, but have a box of tissues handy and your therapist on speed dial.

When Clayton heard me quietly sobbing from my corner of the couch, he didn't reach out to lovingly console me. Nope. My husband made fun of me. Tauntingly he teased, "'Put Wreck it Ralph back', you said. 'Let's get Life of Pie', you said."


We also rented the third season of Modern Family and had ourselves a nice little weekend viewing party.

Saturday was my second-to-last long run before my upcoming half marathon and since I didn't get a long run over spring break, I opted to run 10 miles instead of my scheduled 9. I stuck to my hilly route, but ended up running the last 3 or so miles flat. Having almost 2 weeks between my highest run of 12.25 miles and this run left my body feeling a little out of sorts, and I didn't want to push things this late in the game. I kept my pace under 9 minutes per mile (barely) and had zero problems recovering afterwards (seriously, salt shots are a LIFESAVER). Not to mention, I made the sexy farmer's tan on my thighs even sexier.

Looking like a goober in my water belt. But it makes for a great place to stow away snacks.

Later that afternoon, Maria and I went to the sports complex to meet with the girls fast-pitch softball league organizer about coaching. I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you guys before, but we are coaching a girls softball team this year! We were assigned to coach the 8-and-under league and will have Maria's daughter, Emily, as one of our players. I've never coached anyone in anything before, but I can't think of a better way to put my almost 20 years of softball experience to use (and I simultaneously just made myself sound super old).

I can't wait to get back my fast-pitch roots. As much as I love playing slow pitch softball in our city league during the summer, my heart always has been (and always will be) in fast-pitch. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of the game with young girls and hoping I can ignite a passion for catching behind the plate in at least one young lady's heart.

(And yes, the idea of me being surrounded by kids all day sounds terrifying to me, too.)

That night, just before dark, Clay and I took Joey on a walk to a wooded area next to our neighborhood. I've seen trail signs near the entrance to the woods when I've been out running, and I was anxious for a chance to finally scope them out. Sure enough, there are several intersecting trails running alongside a giant pond and the whole area seems to have been overtaken by beavers. It's a very pretty, very secluded area and I can't wait for spring to finally make up its mind so I can spend more time out there with Joey.

A new area for Joey to explore!

A beautiful sunset behind some beaver dams.

I love this picture of Bizzles. :)

I didn't leave the house at all on Sunday. The threat of icy rain and snow kept Maria and I from meeting up on the trail, so I stuck to the treadmill for my recovery run. Clayton volunteered to go grocery shopping and while he was out getting our provisions for the week, I cleaned house and had everything nice and pretty for the IU game. (And I'm happy to report that IU bumped Temple out of the tournament and we're heading to the Sweet Sixteen!)

After the basketball game (and after my heart rate returned to normal), I went into the kitchen to cook dinner (turkey meatloaf) and bake our breakfast for the week. I put my jumbo cupcake pan to the test and baked blueberry muffins with a sugary-cinnamon crumb topping, using fresh blueberries that Clayton picked up for me at the grocery store.

Look at that big boy!
How did the muffins turn out, you ask?

Oh my goodness, there isn't even a word to describe the taste of warm, gooey blueberries surrounded by light, fluffy batter. Magical? Heavenly? Those words don't do them justice. If angels had a taste, they would taste like these muffins. I seriously want to shake the hand of the man or woman who came up with this recipe.

And talk about JUMBO muffins! The recipe I used yielded 8 normal-sized muffins, but since I didn't want to buy 2 packages of blueberries, I didn't double it. Instead, I ended up with four large-and-in-charge muffins that will tie Clayton and I over until Thursday (Seriously, this muffins are so big that a half serving is PLENTY for breakfast!). They're the size of softballs and you definitely need both a fork and knife to get through one.

Do you have anything to look forward to this week? I have a new recipe on deck that I'm excited to try and this weekend is Easter! What do you and your family do for the holiday?


  1. Please share your blueberry muffin recipe. They look like the ones I make from a box mix, but would like to try them from scratch. Aiden loves blueberries. He gets them all the time because it is so cute to watch him try to open the fridge while saying blueberries (which sometimes sounds like buberries, babies, or Jay's favorite, boobies).

    1. Certainly! I will email the recipe for you! Just give me a hot minute to type it up!

      And let me just say, these are NOTHING like boxed blueberry mix. Real blueberries are like 50 times bigger and have such a better taste. I think you (and Aiden) will LOVE them!

      Ha ... boobies.

  2. OH YAY! You discovered Wapehani Mountain Bike park! That was our absolute favore place to take Puppyface when we lived there. It was so nice to have that 2 minutes away from our apartment. And there are so many fun things to discover on the trails (like old broken down cars and old buildings—it used to be a boy scout camp).

    1. Yes! I've seen the signs for the mountain bike trail, but the only section I had ever seen was closed off and looked like it went nowhere (the part to the left of Weimer if you're heading towards Tapp). But on a whim, I ran on a side street and saw all of the trail markers and found the parking area.

      I was AMAZED when I walked through part of it. Clay and I stood there scratching our heads trying to figure out how we lived her this long and didn't notice it.

      Can't wait to explore the area ... once the snow melts.


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