Weekend recap

Well, hello there! Happy Monday and a-bunch-of-other-bologna-we-routinely-tell-ourselves-to-make-Mondays-seem-less-crummy!

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good! I think Clay and I found the perfect balance of social engagements and time bummin' around the house, and we're right in the throes of preparing for our Florida trip next week (which for Clayton means that he's not doing anything except tossing some underwear in a duffel bag the night before we leave. But me? I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, making lists and checking them twice ... and then checking them a third time for good measure. I guess it's true what they say: men are from Mars and women are from a much more practical, organized place.).

What I did:
  • Clayton and I breezed through an entire season of Modern Family in less than 2 days. It has quickly become our new favorite and it's one of the very few television shows that makes me cackle out loud several times in one episode. On Friday night we made turkey and roast beef sandwiches (mine topped with salt n' vinegar chips, of course), curled up on the couch, and didn't move until around one in the morning.

  • I feel like I spent most of my Saturday running and trust me, it was not pleasant. It was less than 30 degrees outside and I felt each and everyone of those below-freezing degrees on my face as I pushed my way through 11 miles. As a result, I spent several hours lying on the couch with an extreme bout of nausea that was provoked by either improper hydration or a lack of electrolytes (most likely a combination of both). I'm not sure. No matter how well I hydrate before, during or after a run, sometimes the icky feeling is just inevitable. I popped a few tums, ate a teaspoon of salt (I know that sounds gross, but you lose a lot of salt when you run for extended periods of time), and waited it out.
  • Saturday night we dropped by Colby and Ireli's for a visit with baby Elisa and arrived just in time to watch the IU game. I was able to hold Elisa for several minutes and watch her big, curious eyes try to focus on the world around her ... before she totally messed her diaper and had to go back to her mama. Babies yawning? Cutest thing ever.
  • Sunday morning, Clayton and I had every intention of getting up for the early church service, but we ended up negotiating with our alarm 3 different times and didn't make it in until the noon service. (Thankfully we attend a church that caters to various sleep schedules.) After church, I rushed home to change my clothes and then drove to one of the trail entrances to meet my good friend, Maria, for a run. Maria will be running in her first 5K (YAY!) this April and I offered to run with her on my recovery days.
  • Sunday night we finished all of our chores and settled down to watch a DVR'd recording of The Secret Life of Bees. Chick flicks/dramas aren't exactly Clayton's ideal movie genre, but he humored me and watched it anyway (and he liked it!).

  What I ran:
  • As I said above, I ran 11 miles on Saturday and believe me when I say, I am more than happy that it was my second to last long run before the Hoosier Half Marathon in April (because, quite frankly, I'm tired of talking about it). I normally run my spring half marathon in May, so I was completely inexperienced in training during the colder winter months. This was definitely the first year that I ran this many outdoor miles in snow and wind, and it hasn't been the most fun process (a chapped face is not a cute look for me). Only 1 mile into this weekend's long run, and snot just started pouring out of my nose. Not leaking, not dripping, pouring.

    After my run, I came back to home only to find that I had been locked out of the townhouse. Clayton was at the grocery store and even though he said he would leave the back door unlocked for me, he either forgot (*ahem*) or the bar in the sliding door fell back down because I could NOT get inside. After sitting (and shivering) on the front step for several minutes and attempting to locate a wifi signal so I could Face Time Clay's iPhone from my iPod, I remembered the apartment office was open for another hour. So I limped to the office (my legs were SO SORE) and was relieved to find the complex manager had a spare key.

    It was very difficult trying to explain to her why I was locked out of my apartment because my face was frozen. Moving my mouth and lips felt impossible, like I had just gotten a cavity filled or got bad Botox injections from a back alley plastic surgeon. The complex manager and the potential tenant she was sitting with both kept commenting on how admirable it was to run on such a cold day, and I kept correcting them by saying, "Not admirable. Stupid. It's stupid to run outside on such a cold day."

    I love half marathons and I love the training processes (usually), but I'm ready for the race to come and go so I can resume a normal running schedule for the summer.
  • And as you already know, on Sunday afternoon I met up with Maria for my recovery run (the sun was shining and it was much nicer outside). She's new to the running scene, so my recovery pace was a perfect speed for her and we had a great time chatting our way down the trail. I brought my Garmin along and told her we'd just do 3 miles, but I was a sneaky little jerk and didn't stop my watch until 3.2 miles, making her run the entire 5K distance and then some. We kept a light, conversational pace and I forgot how much faster miles fly by when you have a buddy.

What I baked:
  • Though I have yet to experience it firsthand, I know that having a newborn is hectic and extremely time-consuming (in the best way possible, I'm sure). So when we went to visit baby Elisa, I wanted to save the second-time new parents a chore and brought them dinner. Ireli is allergic to tomatoes (the poor dear), so in lieu of making a regular ol' pizza, I brought over a chicken Alfredo pizza pie. I made my crust as normal, but instead of pizza sauce, I used a jar of Alfredo and added pieces of sliced, grilled chicken and mozzarella cheese. Easy!

  • After Clayton graciously cleaned the mountain of dishes that seems to accumulate rapidly in our modest kitchen, he unearthed a few overly ripe bananas that had been stashed next to the toaster for goodness-knows how long. Not wanting to waste money by throwing food away, I put the almost-bad nanners to use and made a batch of those wonderfully amazing vegan banana muffins I raved about last September.

    The vegan part is completely coincidental—when the I made the muffins for the first time, I was short on groceries and the vegan recipe required very minimal ingredients. And they came out so gosh darn scrumdiddlyumptious, there's no sense in using a different recipe. I brought a few for breakfast this morning to enjoy with my coffee.

    The muffins are well and good, but I am seriously craving some cake right about now. Muffin batter, though tasty, is not on the same level of cake batter. I think a pan of cupcakes is in my VERY near future. 

How was your weekend? Any fun plans this week?


  1. Good for you ladies for running! I'm excited to see how you both do!


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