The best thing you'll ever put in your mouth

Something amazing came out of my oven on Tuesday night (and no, it wasn't more mouse poop). It was something so yummy and so deliciously titillating, it would be downright sinful NOT to share it with others.

That something was Oreo pudding cookies.

That's right. Cookies with PUDDING.

OREO cookies with pudding.

I posted the above picture of the pudding cookies going into the oven on Facebook and received several comments almost instantaneously. When the same thing happened again on Instagram, I knew I had to mention them on my blog.

Do you want soft, decadent cookies that have not only chocolate chips inside, but cookies n' cream candy bar bits, too? Do you want a cookie that is responsible for the only socially acceptable time to use the word "moist" in a positive manner?

Then look no further. I have the perfect cookie for you.

I can't remember how I found the recipe (probably something on Pinterest), but a series of links and clicking eventually led me to a food lover's website called The Girl Who Ate Everything (and from the blog title alone, I know this she's my kind of woman). Christy, the baker behind the blog, took this Oreo Pudding Cookie recipe from yet another blogger, but by that point I stopped caring who initially came up with the recipe ... I just wanted these cookies in or around my mouth.

If you want the full set of prep and baking instructions, please click here. Since I modified absolutely nothing in this recipe, there's no use in regurgitating the steps for you on my blog. The only thing I even remotely considered changing was the amount of chocolate chips that went into the dough (I know, that sounds sacrilegious). At first bite, the cookies tasted a bit too chocolatey and not quite white chocolatey enough, but after fully cooling in a sealed container overnight, I'm perfectly satisfied with the amount of semi-sweet chips.

My favorite part of Christy's recipe was her suggestion to place "golf ball-sized" balls of dough onto your baking sheet. Most cookie recipe suggest a modest "spoonful" or a "quarter-sized" wad of dough, but not Christy. She knows what's up. She knows what the people want. And the people want giant, thick cookies that require both hands to eat.

The recipe claims it yields 3 dozen cookies, but it's something much closer to 2.5 if you like to wolf down raw dough like I do (salmonella be darned!).

Oreo Pudding Cookies not only inspired me to quit my job and eat cookies full-time, but now I'm intrigued to add pudding to other cookie recipes. French vanilla pudding in a traditional batch of chocolate chip cookies? Um, YES!

Anytime I bake anything at home, I always send Clayton to work with most of the goodies to give to his co-workers. My sweet tooth is straight-up out of control and I know if I have extra cookies or cupcakes sitting around my apartment, they will be devoured quickly (and probably in one sitting). Taking most of the sugary stuff to work not only gives me the satisfaction of serving others, it keeps me from developing adult-onset diabetes.

After eating my Oreo Pudding Cookies, Clayton's co-workers referred to me as a Kitchen Wizard. They're totally exaggerating, but hearing that made me happier than a baby elephant at the beach.

These cookies are so good, it's one of the few cookie recipes I felt was worth writing out and storing in my special recipe book. It's also one of the few cookies that I've had to ration and divide equally between two separate containers because Clayton and I don't trust each other. If you decide to make these cookies on your own (and if you have any self-love at all, you will), please, please PLEASE let me know how you like them!

Bake these cookies for your hubby, your co-workers, your kids, your mom, your friendswhomever! But whatever you do, do not text your significant other and say, "My boss loved my cookie!" because questions will be asked when you get home.