Mid-Week Motivation

Indulge my curiosity: How do you regularly access Notably Neuroric? Do most of you follow the links to new posts via Twitter and Facebook? Do you use an RSS feed or reader? Do you subscribe via email? Do you just Google "girl who hates giant squids but eats a lot of cake" every time you want to read? Or is this website simply bookmarked on your computer?

The reason I'm asking is because Google recently announced that it would be eliminating its Google Reader service by July 1st, but when I tried to access my Reader this morning (103 days before July 1st, mind you) it was no longer there. Google Reader went kaput, taking my 50+ blog subscriptions with it. I had absolutely zero time to transfer my subscriptions to a new service and I've been reading all of those blogs in one window for so long, I couldn't even tell you the actual name and web address for most of them.

Does it sound like I'm complaining? Because I totally am.

I just wanted to give you a head's up in case any of you read my blog from Google Reader and warn you not to be surprised if you can't find me in a few weeks (or today, as evidenced by my luck). Now would be a great time to bookmark me, save me, love me, or sign up for an email notification every time Notably Neurotic is updated. You can do that by shifting your eyes to the right-hand sidebar and typing in your preferred email address in the box beneath the text that reads "follow by email".

The Los Angeles Times is recommending that Google Reader users consider using Feedly as an RSS alternative for mobile devices and web browsers. I'm going to scope them out this evening and see what I think.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Google, on the other hand, is not.

First world problems, my life is full of them.

So, vacation has totally screwed up my conception of time and even though it's Wednesday, I feel like it's only Tuesday which = one snail-paced work week. I don't know about you, but I need some mid-week motivation.

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is in sight!


  1. I read u from google reader and will be doing so until it shuts down :) However I have transferred all of my blogs from there already over to the Wordpress reader which was a super easy effortless transition.

  2. I access via Facebook updates! But I also subscribe/follow you on Blogger or whatever it's called.

  3. just depends where i happen to see it first - facebook, twitter, or my Blogger subscriptions.


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