Digital post card

Greetings from Kissimmee, Florida!

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to give you any vacation updates; we only just figured out how to get the wifi to work at the villa. (How many college-educated adults does it take to set-up an internet connection? The answer is 4.)

It's not hot, hot, hot down here since it's still only March, but the sun is shining and every update I'm getting from Indiana is saying the same thing: SNOW. So, I'll take chilly sunshine over snowflakes any day!

We've been staying in a villa at the Westgate Resort and it is BEAUTIFUL! The resort boasts 12 different swimming pools (some with swim-up bars!), a free movie theater, a full-size fitness studio, and several shops and restaurants. There is even free mini golf, paddle boat rentals, and volleyball. It's a spring break paradise!

This vacation has also made me a morning runner, for the time being. I've woken up early every morning to hit the road and get a few miles under my belt before we head off to our various activities. I know I'm on vacation, but I'm still right in the middle of half marathon training and hey, runners run for pleasure even on vacation. I can't say whether or not I'll keep getting up early for workouts when we get back to Indiana (probably not), but it's been really nice to have some quiet time to myself to roam around the resort.

So far we've visited Universal Studios, City Walk and Downtown Disney. Since we aren't going to the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney has been a godsend because I so desperately wanted to buy an actual Disney souvenir. Downtown Disney has a store in the Marketplace called the World of Disney and lemme tell ya, I almost mowed down innocent children to get through the front door. My sister and I lived and breathed the Disney cartoons as kids and even at 27 and 29 years old, we still get swept up in the magic and fantasy of it all. (Even the princesses, who never did anything for me quite like Simba, Dodger, and Woody.)

Today Clay and I are going to an Atlanta Braves spring training game since we had the amazing luck of being near Orlando when our boys were! While we're eating stadium hot dogs and watching baseball, my mom and sister are heading to Islands of Adventure because my sister is majorly obsessed with Harry Potter and wants someone to geek out with her.

I hope your weeks are going well and to everyone who had to work over spring break: Happy Friday! :)