Courtney Confessions

Hi guys and gals! (Although I think you're mostly gals. I'm pretty sure my readership is 99% women and 1% Clayton.) I hope everyone's having a good day so far! The snow's starting to melt, I have a shopping date with a friend tonight, and a bunch of books I put on reserve at the library are finally available for pick up—In all, it's going pretty good!

Ready for some confessions?

I absolutely love professional baseball. When I think of summer, I think of eating hot dogs at a baseball stadium or, at the very least, watching a game at home with the patio door open and a nice breeze rolling through. Clay and I have driven out-of-state 3 different times to catch the Atlanta Braves in action, one being a trip all the way down to Atlanta on the fourth of July in 2006. We take our MLB very seriously.

I can't stand closed-toe, flat shoes. When it comes to the shoes in my closet, there is no such thing as a happy medium. I have boots and sandals, that's it. Aside from running shoes and flip flops, I can't stand flats or casual sneakers. That means that, come spring time, I have nothing appropriate to wear on my feet. I have a pair of off-brand Sperry's that have gone almost completely unworn because I don't like not wearing a heel or having my foot nestled snugly into a fuzzy boot.

Greek chicken salad = YUM-O!
I love onions, but I never cook with them. Clayton absolutely hates onions and the few times I've cooked with them in the past, he spent about 10 minutes picking each and every onion off of his plate. But last night I decided that by golly, I was putting the required red onion into my Greek chicken salad and Clayton could just deal with it. And he did. But then I remembered why else I don't like cooking with onions: After brushing my teeth 6 times, I STILL can't get the flavor out of my mouth. Blech.

My goal is to be a writer, but I would also love to do catering. Baking and cooking have become a HUGE part of my life over the past 2 years. While my end goal is to be a professional writer, I would love to make supplemental income by running a small catering business out of my home. It's merely a pipe dream, but it's fun to think about!

Do you have anything you'd like to confess today?