Back to real life

Our new magnet.

Guess who's back?

Me. I am!

After 17 hours in the car (the last 3 driven through a torrential downpour), my family and I made it home safely from our trip to Orlando. 

And as crazy as this sounds after being in the Florida sunshine, I definitely missed my freezing, bipolar-weather-having Indiana. As soon as we drove past the "Welcome to Indiana" sign, I felt like I was home.

Clayton and I unpacked our belongings and fell into bed around 1 o'clock this morning, drifting off to sleep instantly. Waking up this morning felt almost impossible. My body was cramped from sitting in the car for so long and I looked every bit as sleep deprived as I felt. Thank goodness my boss was kind enough to give me today off as well.

While I struggled to sit up and keep my eyes open, Clayton left to pick-up Joey from his parents' house and my heart almost exploded with happiness when I heard his familiar whine outside of our bedroom door. As soon as Clayton opened the door just a crack, Joey came bursting into the room and jumped right up on the bed to attack my face with beagle sniffs and kisses.

I missed my furry little goofball SO MUCH.

I have a whole slew of pictures from my trip that I would love to show you guys, but there's a lot of them to go through and several devices to pull them from (my cell phone, Instagram, my sister's camera, my camera, ect.) and it will probably take me a day or two to get everything in order. But don't worry, I will post them soon!

Today has been filled with a lot of catching up and preparation to slip back into our normal routine this week. People aren't kidding when they say you always need a vacation after an actual vacation.

I've made my meal plan for the week (which includes a brand new recipe I'm really excited to try!), and this week's meal planning was especially fun to put together because last week I was going through some major Mixie withdrawal.

I ran 5 miles this afternoon and the evidence of sitting in the car for almost an entire day was written all over my face and body. I wasn't quite ready to brave the Indiana winds again just yet, so I stuck with the treadmill and really struggled to get through my tempo run. So, so tired.

And thank you guys SO MUCH for being patient with the lack of posting while I was away. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and that includes daily posts!

Ya know, sometimes I get really bogged down by the normal, seemingly mundane routine of every day life, but no matter how fun a vacation is and no matter how great it is to get away for awhile, I eventually miss the normalcy and long to get back to it.

It's good to be home. :)