A cause for celebration

I'm so giddy and excited, I'm likely to burst at any moment. I feel like an overstuffed teddy bear that is liable to rip at the seams and spill mounds of happy, white cotton fluff everywhere.

Clayton and I reached one of our financial goals and the feeling of accomplishment is almost overwhelming. I can hardly sit still in my desk chair. I'm bouncing in place and waiting for someone to come into our office so I can proudly proclaim, "I'M A RESPONSIBLE ADULT!"

We paid off my car ... 15 months early!

I know this isn't an atypical occurrence and that many consumers are able to pay for their car, in-full, the day they purchase it from the dealership or previous owner. I've never been in a financial position to do that. I bought all of my cars myself and have had a consistent car payment since I was 16 years old. Did that make my independent and self-sufficient? Yes, definitely. But it also made me stressed and at several points during my teenage years when I was making minimum wage, terrified.

Transferring the money from savings to our checking account almost sent me into a conniption fit and when the bank's customer service representative congratulated me and asked me how I felt, I replied, "Honestly, I feel like I might vomit."

Her response? "Pukes of joy, I hope!"

Ha, I like that lady.

I'm mostly looking forward to driving a car for the first time with a sense of "This is mine. I OWN this car ... like a boss." That, and I can't wait to put the money we're saving towards our next financial goal (which is to continue to pay down my student loans and buy a house).

We worked so hard to save that money and I am so thankful we were able to do it. I recognize what a tremendous blessing this is and we're definitely going to do some celebrating this weekend! (Did someone say CHAMPAGNE!?)

And apparently the nursing department caught wind of our accomplishment and congratulated me with gourmet cupcakes from my favorite bakery.

I'm just kidding. They had extra cupcakes and offered them to everyone in our office.

And then I took two.

So, this is a totally random question, but does anyone out there know how to properly flip an omelet? I was craving something cheesy for dinner last night and decided cheesy veggie omelets were the way to go.

I made Clayton's omelet first and it was a disaster. The eggs stuck to the pain and I had a heck of a time trying to "close" the omelet by flipping one side over the other. The whole thing looked less like an edible dinner and more like zombie brains that got rain over by a car (a PAID OFF car). But Clayton ate it like a champion because my hubby subscribes to the belief that it's what's on the inside that counts (which works out well in our marriage because he's seen what I look like in the morning).

My omelet fared slightly better than Clayton's because his was my practice omelet and I knew what to expect the second time around. I also used egg whites for mine, so the overall consistency of my omelet was thinner and easier to work with. I still couldn't manage to flip it evenly onto itself, but it looked more appetizing (unlike my husband, I'm shallow and think everything needs to be pretty).

My aesthetically appealing omelet.

When I make an omelet, I pour the egg mixture evenly into the skillet, let it cook for a bit, add my veggies and cheese to one side, then try to flip the naked side over top of the stuffing side with a spatula. Is there some kind of special omelet voodoo magic I'm not aware of?

Let me know!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a couple of fun things planned, including playing with my brand new, awesome toy:

A jumbo cupcake pan! Waa?! Waa!? But between the cupcakes I inhaled today and the Oreo Pudding Cookies I made on Tuesday, I've unfortunately hit (and exceeded) my sugar intake for the week. That being said, I'll probably stick to making some boring bran muffins or something somewhat healthy for breakfast. I'll let you know how it turns out!



  1. Hooray! Congratulations Courtney!

    I actually flip the whole omelet over before adding stuff to it, but I like your method much better. I think that picture of your omelet looks amazing and yummy, and now I'm making omelets this weekend. :D

  2. I just recently started following your blog & I love it! I love that there's someone else out there who struggles with the art of omelet making!


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