Things I Love Thursday

I should really just rename my "Things I Love Thursday" posts to "I Found this on Pinterest" because really, that's where I find the majority of the things I'm currently digging.

Fun fact: Did you know that Pinterest was actually created and founded by three men?

We know that men are responsible for the invention of countless medical and technological breakthroughs such a penicillin, the telephone and the iPod, but what have women inventors contributed to the world?

Glad you asked, Courtney!

Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers.

Pasty Sherman invented ScotchGuard.

Sally Fox invented colored cotton. (And my wardrobe thanks her for that!)

Hedy Lamarr invented Spread Spectrum Technology. (Spread Spectrum Technology is a "secret communication system" that was originally developed to combat Nazis during World War II, and it eventually became the technological backbone to make cell phones, fax machines, and other wireless devices. But trust me, I did not know that either until I Googled it.)

Dianne Croteau invented the first CPR dummy.

And my personal hero, Ruth Wakefield, invented chocolate chip cookies.

Okay, that's enough history for one day.

Moving on!

This will be the first and ONLY time I will ever, ever say a tentacled creature is cute, but when I first saw this picture, I couldn't stop the "D'awwww!" that squeaked out of my mouth. It's appropriately called "The Kraken" and not only is adorbs (and totally Pixar-esque), it totally plays into my random, unexpected love of the 2010 remake of Clash of Titans. (The picture was done by an artist who's online user name is barak144.)

I can't find the original source for this particular product, but I am in love with these book clutches. A handbag that looks like a book? Genius. I would definitely carry one of these on a night out! Seriously, if someone knows where to find these, give me a holler!

A cute pair of shoes has the ability to make me gasp out loud, increase my heart rate and give me sweaty palms all at the same time. These gorgeous Steve Madden 'Xternaal' Wedge Sandals do all of the above ... and then some. I'd probably break my neck trying to walk in these, but it would be totally worth it.

I feel like this sweatshirt is something I legitimately need. I can slip it on any time I'm feeling flustered, stressed, lazy or frazzled. That way, when Clayton comes home at night, he can take one look at me and know exactly what's up ... and then kindly leave me be.

What are some things you're loving right now?


  1. That illustration reminds me of this wallpaper that I had on my work computer forever. Everyone would ask, "Why do you have an octopus on your computer?' CUZ IT'S CUTE, ALRIGHT. STEP OFF.

    1. If octopuses (octopi?) looked like the picture in my post or your wallpaper, I'd be far more inclined to swim in the ocean. In fact, if all sea creatures looked like Disney characters, I'd probably move to Florida.

  2. I should not be allowed to wear that shirt. Why? Because I'd wear it every day. I need a shirt that says, "This month is my hot mess month".

    I'm so proud of you for not banishing the adorable little tentacled guy. ;-)

  3. Kate Spade makes a few book clutches. I found a clutch that looks the most like the pictures you posted on Etsy.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! These are adorable! (Albeit a little pricey). I'm terrible at "saving for" things and tend to just splurge my brains out, but I seriously want to save my pennies and get one of these!


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