A new addition

I was SO close to recapping Wednesday night's episode of My Strange Addiction, but I didn't flip it on until the show was already about 10 minutes in and honestly, playing with Joey's paws sounded like a far better idea than grabbing my laptop and taking notes on the show.

This week's episode was "My Strange Addiction: Won't Cut Hair, Stings Self with Bees" and while it clearly doesn't hold a candle to the befuddling spectacle that was last week's "Addicted to Coffee Enemas; Licks Cats", I regretted my decision to not recap the episode as soon as the cameras panned to 53-old Margaret as she serenaded the beehives in her backyard with a flute. While playing her insect Swan Song, Margaret's narrative dubbed over the music so we could learn that despite her addiction to stinging herself with them, she mourns each and every bee that dies by her hand.

Then the scene cut to Maragret crumpled over in a bush, sobbing uncontrollably while clutching her flute.

I almost stood up and applauded my TV.

But enough about disturbing people with socially crippling hobbies, let's talk about something beautiful and wonderful (and perfectly natural ... Margaret.)

Last night I made a new friend.

Despite the impending ice storm that was slowly making it's way across Southern Indiana, Clayton and I braved the elements and drove to the hospital to meet Colby and Ireli's brand-new baby girl.

This is Elisabeth Ann (her parents are already referring to her as "Elisa", which is just adorable). She arrived on February 21st at 6:34 a.m. and I don't much about babies, but I think she weighs 6 lbs and some change. She's a little nugget, just like her older brother was.

And she's amazing.

I've only held a newborn once before in my life, and that was the day their son, Nicholas, was born. I held my nephew as a baby, but he was several months old at the time and didn't pose quite as imminent a threat of breakage. Tiny babies scare me, and I think it's mostly due to my complete lack of experience. I mean, I was the baby of my own family, so there was no one after me to practice with.

When we first walked into the hospital room, little Elisa was lying gently in her momma's lap and Ireli eagerly and happily offered me the chance to hold her. After trying my best to support her head (Elisa's, not Ireli's), I brought the baby to my chest and sat down in a nearby chair. Clearly I wasn't as off-putting or scary as I thought because Elisa nestled against my collar bone and fell right back asleep.

I was smitten.

Elisa didn't make a peep the entire hour or so we were there, and she was the cuddliest little bug I've ever had the opportunity to hold in my arms. I reluctantly handed her over to Clayton, so as not to look like I was bogarting someone else's child.

(And for the record: Baby skin is amazing. And so is baby smell.)

I absolutely adored holding Nicholas at that very same hospital just about two years earlier, but holding Elisa was very first time in my life that I felt my ovaries tingle and I seriously thought, "I could really have one of these myeslf ...

... in like 3 more years."

Those cheeks!

Clayton and Elisa looked like twins in their pink shirts. They totally planned it and everything.

(Note: Clayton really, really wants me to set the record straight about that last picture. Contrary to what the image reflects, Clayton's hair is not thinning and he is in absolutely no way going bald. He is simply just the victim of horrible, horrible hospital lighting. Clayton has a lush, thick crop of hair on his head. And his hair line? Impeccable.)

So that was our evening. We left the hospital when Elisa started to get hungry so that Mom and Dad could have some privacy, and we decided to stop at Subway for a quick bite to eat since it was getting late. After my food digested a bit, I completed a quick 5-mile tempo run on the treadmill (I'm in the peak weeks of half marathon training) and spent the remainder of the night curled up on the couch with a good book and my own cuddly nugget.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S. I just noticed that I used the incorrect form of "its" on a blog post earlier this week. I've corrected the problem, but am still sufficiently embarrassed. Just like Clayton wants you to know that his hair isn't thinning, I want you all to know that I am capable of using proper grammar.